14 July 2008

My daily view on the way home.

I park by the high school buses. Over ten years since I was in one and I still see them everyday. One of these days I wanna drive a bus, but not for a living or anything. Just around the block or something stupid. I think it would be something interesting to try.

03 July 2008

Pictures from some hidden place.

Sometimes there is a ghosty in my machine that likes to horde random pics of me. Kinda like the ferret likes to hide shiny stuff from me.... Soooo these pictures were found in a random spot so I figured I would post em for ease of access and that way I know where they are at all times.

Here is a really neat pic that Susie took of the Susie's driving through bat country... There was much driving, laughter and fun to be had. And now I am old and bored, hooray for life!

This picture is just all sortsa good in many ways. Let me count the ways:

1. Domo says, "RAAAAR!" Angry eye shape and get in my eat hole hand motions included for added fun times. Lucky for you he is only 2-d and stuck to a car.

2. Smoke, die of cancer, smoke, die of cancer, smoke, die of cancer.... The reflection compels me! I mean what more could you want than to know that there is a cigarette in the picture? So for the smoker it kinda puts the idea in your head that, "Man I sure could go for a smoke right now. Be right back!".

3. Bryan adding his own special sort of creepy for us all to enjoy.

4. And finally the carnivorous tree Bryan had no idea had been stalking him till this crucial moment. Luckily the tree is not a vampire cause then you would not have seen the reflection..... and he would not either. He totally woulda been eaten by that wood monster. I say chop em down before they get any ideas and unite. Then we would all be screwed. Kill the trees!!!!! Kill emmmmm!!!!!!