23 April 2010

I am a bad friend.

In the above picture you will notice that I am busy typing on my phone. So busy I don't even notice my good friend across from me stealing my soul. :( I am a shitty friend and will have to work on learning to disconnect when I am in the company of friends and family. It's rude and I don't know it but I think maybe even hurtful to my friends. Come to think of it, I don't like it when people do it to me.

Sometimes I don’t even know that Adrian is being super stealthy and taking pictures of me. I think it’s cause I am always distracted by something, man he must think I am a shitty friend.

And yes, I watch all things with subtitles ON.

20 April 2010

Domo tattoo

I got a new tattoo… sorry for the shitty ass picture quality. I only had my craptastic phone and I am lazy.

14 April 2010


Digging up some pictures of my nephew. This guy is seriously way too cute and funny for his own good. He better stay that way or else!!!!

Here is Aiden playing in the rain. I guess he loves the rain as much as I do.

Here he is feeding his baby. My brother turns around for 2 minutes and Aiden decides that he is not hungry. His baby is hungry so he feeds it. I wonder if my brother was able to save the baby from stinking of old milk. Some smells you just can't wash out.

And I guess my nephew likes ketchup more than food. I sent my brother these pictures and he asked me why his son was all bloody. I dunno if telling him he was taking shot of ketchup was any better than if his son was bleeding. Sometimes the part of my brain that dictates what is nutritious and what is not seems to fail me.

05 April 2010

Artsy Crafty Time!!!

So my nephew likes to make his own little story books. This story book was about Batman. I want to know why Batman looks more like a Canadian than a Batman? I wonder if Phillip knows that Terrance has been moonlighting as the Batman all these years?

Needless to say the next page had a crotch shot… just a drawing of Batman’s “utility belt”….. Just a strange crotch shot of Batman. The kid is strange.

So I put together little blank books for us to make little stories in. Hopefully my nephew draws more crotch shots and superheros with Canadian heads. Maybe I can get my brother to doodle how exactly a bunny can lay eggs for Easter. Even my mom is going to play along with artsy craft time. I will have to remember to bring my camera for those awesome drawings.

Really I just want to laugh at my nephew’s drawings of strange things that he likes to do. I call it encouragement.

04 April 2010

New hair!

I feel bad for my poor bleached out hair sometimes but I like how it looks when it's colorful.

From my little brother after he saw my badass hair:

“Hahahhahaha now I will grant you a Sayain name :D spanwned from a vegetable heehee it will be Cabagoshi Kun ^.^”

02 April 2010

The easiest things cheer me up!

I have had a few not so good days lately. Luckily I was able to come home and get some comic relief from Joey drawing on my eggs. I think the 2nd and last one on the bottom row are my favorite.