05 April 2010

Artsy Crafty Time!!!

So my nephew likes to make his own little story books. This story book was about Batman. I want to know why Batman looks more like a Canadian than a Batman? I wonder if Phillip knows that Terrance has been moonlighting as the Batman all these years?

Needless to say the next page had a crotch shot… just a drawing of Batman’s “utility belt”….. Just a strange crotch shot of Batman. The kid is strange.

So I put together little blank books for us to make little stories in. Hopefully my nephew draws more crotch shots and superheros with Canadian heads. Maybe I can get my brother to doodle how exactly a bunny can lay eggs for Easter. Even my mom is going to play along with artsy craft time. I will have to remember to bring my camera for those awesome drawings.

Really I just want to laugh at my nephew’s drawings of strange things that he likes to do. I call it encouragement.

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