14 April 2010


Digging up some pictures of my nephew. This guy is seriously way too cute and funny for his own good. He better stay that way or else!!!!

Here is Aiden playing in the rain. I guess he loves the rain as much as I do.

Here he is feeding his baby. My brother turns around for 2 minutes and Aiden decides that he is not hungry. His baby is hungry so he feeds it. I wonder if my brother was able to save the baby from stinking of old milk. Some smells you just can't wash out.

And I guess my nephew likes ketchup more than food. I sent my brother these pictures and he asked me why his son was all bloody. I dunno if telling him he was taking shot of ketchup was any better than if his son was bleeding. Sometimes the part of my brain that dictates what is nutritious and what is not seems to fail me.

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