28 February 2011

Hey, what's for dinner???

I just gorged my face with two cupcakes. Dinner? Dinner?! Pfft where we’re going we don’t need dinner.

*That might just be the sugar talking.*

Prepare for afternoon sugar crash landing!

27 February 2011

Dear Tuesday,

Why can’t you be Friday afternoon already. I have much manga to read and anime to watch. Why do you have to be so cold in the morning Tuesday? If I must suffer you, at least make it quick and painful. Will you please fast forward to 7pm so I can make a delicious dinner and watch Samurai 7?

Thanks. Your long time Tuesday participant.


26 February 2011

Dear McDonalds,

The over priced breakfast sandwich I purchased this morning tastes like a salt block. Please stop charging so much for something you stick in a cow pen.

Thank You

Dear self,

Stop being a lazy ass and stopping at crappy places on the way to work to grab a breakfast because you were to lazy to wake up early enough to make something that actually tastes good.

Thank You

25 February 2011


So while I was at the store yesterday I had the urge for coconut water. Usually I get my coconut water from the Mexican food isle. But I found this in the healthy fruit juice section. It’s pretty good and refreshing too. It also doesn’t have the fat count that my usual coconut water has (as if that has ever deterred me). I think the only thing I miss in this Zico drink are the little pieces of coconut in the juice. :(

24 February 2011

Dear World,

Do not interrupt my manga reading session or I will attack you. Kindly direct all incompetent humans to annoy someone else for the day. Thanks in advance.

Your long time resident,


23 February 2011

Dear Veggie Sandwich,

I know you are just an excuse for me to eat pickles… but why do you gotta get so soggy? Sog leave my sammich alone! I want to enjoy my veggies on non-sogness.


Addicted to Pickles….

the drummer doodily doo, ding-dong doodily doodily doo.

22 February 2011

Beyond Wonderland!

It's been far too long since I have been to a good event and this one called out to me. It's taking it back to the old school to how Nocturnal Wonderland was.... but during spring instead of the fall.

So if you are going to the San Bernadino Beyond Wonderland, I will see you there.

04 February 2011

Dear Right Ear,

You have been causing me much pain and discomfort as of late. You have turned me into a grumpy person and I do not like that very much. I have been taking care of you as per directed: ear drops and antibiotics. Please I would like you to stop aching, start listening and allow me to enjoy a weekend not in be or in pain.

Also if it is not too much to ask can you make this weekend be a little on the warm side and not so windy so I can enjoy a walk in the park with my dogs and friend? If this is too much to ask, I understand. But please take my wishes into consideration for I fear the next communication I will have with you shall end rather poorly. (Knife lopping you off jerk wad!)

Sincerely your long life friend,

S. Ojeda

I am dead serious!

03 February 2011

Ear ache/congestion + annoyance = bad mood

Unless you know that I don't like the person you are talking about as much as you do. Please refrain from referring to them as anything other than their first name. Or maybe even refrain from talking about her, if she is not worth your time. She is not worth your breath wasted on talking about her. Unless of course you want to confront the person, then by all means have at it but with that person not to me. I don't wanna hear it. Especially when my congestion is barely allowing me to listen at all.

It takes too much effort to get poopy about people in the world and I feel too sick to care right now. So unless you have something nice to say.... my congestion says, "Take two of these chill pills and call me in the morning." It's hard enough focusing on work and playing catch up.