17 May 2009

Art by Stacy

My really good friend Stacy found love in photography. She takes some really good pictures and with picture taking she discovered that modifying photos helps her creative juices flow. And she always does such a good job editing her own photos, I asked her to do one of mine. Here are the results:

I really like the 2nd one and the last one, they are all good but those two call to me a bit more.

01 May 2009

Fro hair and Ginger.

Recently Daniel decided he needed a pet, a small sized apartment pet. And since I have cat allergies he decided we needed to rescue a dog!

Her name is Ginger. So yeah, that's the latest and greatest in my world. Wild hair and a cute puppy. Her breath stinks, she is not potty trained and I think she is more my dog than his.