27 January 2011

Neighbor Noise Checklist of the Day


There needs to be a check box specifically for screaming babies... not just be written into 'other'... Screaming baby next door that doesn't even live there has kept me up more times than I care to count. If I can hear it loud and clear..... I wonder what is keeping the people in that place from letting it continue. Can't it's owner take it home to cry at their house. Dear lord!

26 January 2011

Lunch time love notes are awesome!

The note says: I love you. Have a good day. Sorry I made your sammich all backwards and stupid.

What does that even mean?! It looked normal to me and tasted yummy.

21 January 2011

Dear Charlyne Yi,

I find your voice terrible. I have seen you in other movies before and did not enjoy you being in them. After enduring Paper Heart, I wish to never see you in another movie as long as I live. And most of all I really don’t like the fact that you mumble. Your words are slurred like you have been on Valium your whole life.

Thank you.

Who is Charlyne Yi? Find out here.

13 January 2011

Far Western Tavern

Oh yeah I am going to eat at the Far Western on Saturday, man I can't wait. Soooo yummy for my tummy! BEEF, it's what's for dinner.

If you are ever taking a drive on the 1 or even the 101 take a detour and have some food that's deelish. You gotta check it out before it moves in late 2011 to Old Orcutt. You have to see the place in it's original spot.

Far Western Website

07 January 2011

Who says there is nothing to do on a Friday night?

Answer: The unimaginative, the apathetic and people who have no hobbies. GET A HOBBY!

Originally my plan for tonight consisted of watching some anime or movies and knitting. All this after a yummy home cooked dinner. But it's a Friday night! So instead of being the typical apathetic young adult complaining the typical complaints: 'I'm so bored.' or 'There is nothing to do.' We will create something to do!

New plan for tonight, round up the cheeses that I got at the grocery store earlier this week: alouette Baby Brie, Moondara Sweet Chili cheese and Ilchester Wensleydale cheese with cranberries. Grab the box of Triscuits in the cupboard, dried fruits and berry spread. Finally hit the Grocery Outlet (best place to find a huge variety of wines on the cheap) and pick up a bottle or two to accompany my snacks. Once all of the yummy ingredients are rounded up it's time to move on to phase two of not so boring Friday night.

Head over to my friend's house, throw down the gauntlets and challenge the household to a duel. What sort of a duel? Oh you know something fun to exercise the mind: Trivial Pursuit DVD.

I don't know if I am just old or my idea of fun is not the same as others but I think I got it covered. Hanging out with friends? Check! Having some yummy snacks? Check! Getting drunk? Check! Sounds like a good time to me... Friday nights boring? Pish posh, YOU are making it boring. Don't rely on others to make a fun time for you. Don't be an apathetic chump that's gonna whine about their lame Friday night.

05 January 2011

Chanterelle Omelette

I topped this bad boy with some sauteed chanterelles, tomato, avocado and Parmesan cheese.

01 January 2011