30 May 2013

Earthquakes and Stupids

At 7:38 am a 4.8 earthquake ROCKED the central coast (Wednesday, 29th of May, 2013).  Off the coast of Isla Vista, California to be exact.

"Then we went to the ocean to look for a tsunami."

29 May 2013

Health Screenings

Aside from the work enforced piss and TB test, I haven't really had one.  Not from my job and not on my own accord.  Ignorance is bliss?

A few weeks ago work promised me a cool 20 bucks for a health screening.  All I had to do was give them 15 minutes of my time and a drop of blood.  20 bucks you say?  In the fine words of Homer J. Simpson, "Mmmm beer," so I figured what the hell!  Let's do it.

25 May 2013

Discussing The Finer Points of Consoles

The hubs hates consoles but I have a nostalgic soft spot for them.
?!  No, not that kind.
Well as far as he sees it, probably the same type of soft spot.

In my defense (probably not a good example at my level of ridiculousness) I stopped at PS3, Gamecube, PSP and DS.  But I do like to keep abreast of gaming news, up 'n' coming consoles and consumer reaction.  What it comes down to is, I don't play games like I used to AND I can find a ROM for most of what I have the urge to play.  So why invest in a new console when the ones I have are good enough?  I don't know, maybe to show off....to no one in my age group that gives a rats ass.
Warning do not continue any further if you are a fan of XBawx or Cock of Doody.

23 May 2013


It's hard to find quality in the ocean of video games out there.  Once in a while you will find something from day 1 that you continue to follow and play. 

As time and resources permit of course!  That being said you won't find me banging away on little blocks avoiding a walking, cactus-penis. 

You may however find me tethered to the television via a legacy console from time to time.  Hey!  Don't judge me, I go outside to play too.  Viva Nostalgia!

You also have your thinkers.  You know the ones that you start out playing because you like puzzles.... and you end up needing to go play outside because it's easier than continuing the game?  There are some games I just didn't beat.  I know!  Who woulda thought a puzzle game would puzzle me? How puzzling!

Then there are the rare gems.  Precious, beautiful and if you let it, quite time consuming.  But it's SPACE!!!  Seriously this is fucking beautiful... but don't let it fool you.  It's not easy.
KSP Build Fly Dream Trailer from Shaun Esau on Vimeo.
Music from: M83 - Outro

Video captured from KSP 0.19.1

Font: American Captain by Michael Adkins

"Kerbals in capsule" shot from KSP "A Cake Odyssey" trailer

KSP is a game where the players create and manage their own space program. Build spacecraft, fly them, and try to help the Kerbals to fulfill their ultimate mission of conquering space.
You are never too old to do anything and that includes video games.  Everyone needs bubble gum for the mind and it's better than most crap out there.

21 May 2013

The Other Woman

Nah I didn't go wrecking houses.  But I did happen to land on this movie sort of at the right time.  IF there is such a thing as the right time.

Getting married at my ripe old age of; in my 30's, hasn't really taught me any more than I already knew .  By my age, unless I marry a tot out of high school, my partner will have already partnered before (several times).  Sometimes these partnerings (I am making up words, leave me alone!) tread into that murky water I call, procreation.

I volunteered not to participate in the enriching, diluting or anything having to do with gene pools.  One of me is more than enough (mom has thanked me, no joke).  People pee in pools, I would like to stay out of them.  

I back-peddaled in my personal plan not to partner with a parent.  Shit happens, the dating world gets much smaller as you get older!  Whatever; making excuses for myself I suppose.  I still remain happily married... now I am just happily married with a 10 year old on his way. 

I have to play step-mom.  For how long?  I dunno, I THINK just for the summer.  But then again (see paragraph above) we have seen how far my thinking has gotten me.  No excuses, I should have planned from day one.  This could happen at any time... and that time is now.

I think I have to do right by society and the parents.  I think I need to find some guidelines to post on fridge next to the sign that says:

And hopefully I won't end up in the dog house by the parents for being stupid.  Or as part of the long list of Wicked Step-mothers!  My biggest fear is failure... and failing at raising kids can be pretty disastrous (or interesting if good biographies are written). 

I suppose I should get back to apartment hunting... the only door inside my current place is one to the bathroom.  I think I need (the step-son probably will too) more privacy than that. 

Now where did I stash that bottle of wine I was looking for???

16 May 2013

I miss my herp!

Sitting outside in the afternoon sun.

Once upon a time I rescued an iguana from a child who wanted one.  And of course mom couldn't say no and she also had no clue of how to care for them.  These little beasties are tough to care for.  More often than not they die as pets because people are idiots.  When I got the little Ig Monster she was only 6 inches long and really emaciated.  By the time we parted ways she was pushing 6 feet!

07 May 2013

Healing Old Wounds

It's no secret that I have openly hated on my sister on this blog.  I have complained about her maintaining the ability to be a parent to the children she DOES have in custody.  And that I haven't exactly had the best of relationships with my nephews, my sisters youngest namely.

I don't know if with age I am becoming more forgiving or just becoming a more decaffeinated version of myself.  Someone took the wizz bang out of my attitude or something!  Over the course of the last few months I have actually spoken at my sister, spoken to her and actually am trying to establish a cordial relationship with her.

01 May 2013

Monarch Butterfly Grove

A gloomy day spent at Pismo State Beach in hopes of seeing some butterflies.  Not a single one was spotted, dead OR alive.  I kind of caught the tail end of Monarch time so it's my fault.  Not to mention the day was kinda icky.  I don't blame the butterflies for not showing themselves IF in case there were any actually around.  This was an unplanned pit stop on my way home, next time I will plan better.