01 February 2012

There are good parents and then there are breeders....

Seriously, some people do not deserve to have children. Just because you can procreate does not mean you should be allowed to. Example: you have to have a license to operate a motor vehicle. If not you get in deep doodie if you get caught driving without a license. Not to mention people need to learn the rules of the road so we don't have destruction derby cruisin' down Broadway.

Why then are people not required to pass a test or get a license to procreate? Let's take my sister for example.... God it's embarrassing just to think about her. Queue the flashback sound track and black n white visuals: She is 15 and gets pregnant; is she ready to be a mother? Hell no! Does the government remove the baby from an immature, jobless, underage mother? No. Why not? Fuck if I know, that poor kid has no chance unless someone steps up on his behalf. The sad part is about a year after she had my first nephew she is pregnant again! And still underage. Luckily my family is very loving and helped with the kids but eventually my sister lost custody of her 2 boys because DRUGS were more important to her.

Now fast forward a few years and here she is squeezing out puppy number three.... Is she any more mature than she was when she had her first child? No. Did she learn from her first mistake(s)? No. At this point the doctors even tell her that her body can not handle pregnancies any longer. Too much abuse on her body from drugs. It's not my nephews fault that they were brought into the world by an uncaring, immature mother. They deserve the same chance as anyone else but they are at a disadvantage. I know accidents happen, hell I was not a planned birth. But when you have an accident, take care of it: abortion, adoption or heck, step up and take responsibility and join the world of parenthood. Some people just can't seem to get it through their thick skulls that bringing an unwanted child into the world and keeping it is DAMAGING to the little one. So after my sisters doc tells her not to make more babies because she or the baby may die... she gets pregnant AGAIN!!!!! Luckily the doctor decided it was time to tie her tubes after she delivered my fourth unwanted nephew.

To add to this crazy mess.... where are the fathers? Don't put your dick into something without ensuring you won't fertilize it unless you are going to own up to the consequences of sex. If you really really really don't want kids, get sterilized or don't have sex. Even sterilization has a teeny tiny percentage of failure... but the chance is still there. You play you pay. Sometimes pregnancy happens even if it is unintended and all precautions are taken. But that does not excuse either parent from the responsibility of the outcome. If you are not mature enough to handle the consequences of sex, DON'T DO IT!

That's pretty fucking sad for my nephews... but there are far worse cases of little unwanteds. There are crazy dads and moms out there that are far worse than being neglectful. Seriously you look anywhere in the news and realize that procreation and breeding should be an activity that you should require a license for.

Babies' Bodies Found Stuffed in Suitcases, Mom Arrested

Texas Man Convicted of Beheading 3 Children

And why all this sudden anger towards bad parents? Well, it's not sudden... it's more like pent up and started seeping out. It really bums me out that my sister lost custody of her first two kids. No one on our side of the family is allowed to see them. They were both toddlers when my sister lost custody of them and the eldest will probably be going to high school soon. We miss them. My sister probably could care less but the rest of us do miss them. Then there are the other two that lived with my mom because my sister was busy serving a prison sentence. Those boys are so emotionally and mentally screwed up over the course of their little lives it makes me want to punch my sister. Ugh I swear things like this anger me and I foresee the cycle continuing. I just hope that the instruction and care of my nephews by our family helps in letting them heal from the wounds their mother has inflicted on them by being careless, abusive and a horrible mother. She is out now and has her boys back. But at what cost? Did she finally learn her lesson? Nope, not all. Her kids are always begging to come hang and spend the night but I am not on speaking terms with their mother. I have more rage than words can express. A confrontation with her would end poorly.


  1. One of the best thinks I ever didn't do was have kids. I'm just a big kid now. Teacher?...Yes! Parent?.....No fucking wayz!!!!

    I know my limit too bad others are not as self aware.

  2. I chose not to have kids because I know I am too selfish. Only I play with my toys. I like kids just not owning them. When I have gotten the itch I have hosted foreign exchange students; amazing experiences all around!


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