14 February 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

I was very excited to get to work today because my mister's Valentine's gift was being delivered to my office. I needed it to come to my office so I can surprise him when I get home, it's no fun if I don't get to see the look of excitement on his face when he gets it.

A bit ago his power supply died, I told him it was the PSU but he said it wasn't. I was right, but that is neither here nor there. So I figured he would probably need a new PSU if he wants to use his main computer. Lately he has been playing a low graphics game on his laptop, so it's not like he doesn't have a computer to use. Mister Mopey would be very happy and pleased if his computer was up and running again. I hopped online to Newegg and ordered this 750w PSU (crappy pic, sorry):

Coolmax 750w PSU!

I prepared for Valentine's Day but I failed to prepare for the gift!!! Yet again I had to rig up some wrapping paper at work like I did one Christmas. The sad part is unlike Christmas I don't have any glossy PC Mags to use for his wrap job. All I have is today's newspaper and some not so pretty pieces of origami paper. So I decided to take the funny's and the Valentine's Day shout outs and tape the two pages together. I wrapped the PSU in the newspaper (my hands are now black!) and decided the box was too plain. I need a bow or something, I had 3 sheets of shit brown origami paper and orange. I did the best I could to rig up a little bow type device for the present. It all looked fine except the bow's center was showing this glob of tape I used to assemble the bow. I went out back to the cage to look for a broken computer part to use. I thought a power button would be a cute idea since it's a hint to what is in the box, but alas I settled on a CR2025 3v battery. I think it looks awesome:

It's not the best wrap job and I made do with what I had but it's the thought that counts right? It's what's inside that really matters since most wrapping paper gets tossed moments after the present is unwrapped (unless you are those freakish paper wrap hoarders). I think maybe since I put so much effort into the wrapping and I saved the planet by reusing today's paper, I am winning at the present game. In the future I should just have some wrapping supplies at the office since I can't be sneaky and wrap his presents at home.

What did you do for Valentine's day?

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