09 February 2012

I am mentally and physically exhausted!

I just realized that it is not Wednesday, it is Thursday. I have one more day to go for my work week to be over and Monday is, thankfully, a holiday! I hate that I am so exhausted that I don't even know what day of the week it is.

Mental Exhaustion:

I have been practicing German in an effort make my back packing trip through Germany a bit easier. (I also hate it when people assume I don't know a language and talk shit. So I WILL know.) I am hoping to get together with my sister to do some flash card and conversation practice. I almost want to put it off because today, I have a fucking head ache. Not that this has anything to do with how my head will feel on Friday night, I think some mental rest is needed. Maybe a nice long drive will help clear my thoughts or maybe a walk on the beach will help.

Physically Exhausted:

I am done. I think I need a good day to rest or something. I went to to the doc to get a list of my prescriptions to take with me to Germany as well as make sure I don't need anything like shots. Well as it turned out I needed my TDAP since it's been ages since I had my tetanus booster and since I work in a school I should have had my whooping cough vaccine. (I don't work WITH kids but since I work for a school district the doc decided it was for the greater good.) To top that off she also decided I should have a pneumonia vaccine because I am prone to catching pneumonia. So since Tuesday I have felt generally tired, not sick, just not my usual energetic self. I have also been going to bed earlier so I don't stress my body after getting shots. I hear sometimes people end up getting sick from the shots and I don't have time for that nonsense.

Also since Tuesday my arm has been very sore from the vaccines. :( So it has made swimming a god awful experience and made my sleep habits deviate from the norm. This probably is adding to why I am so tired, not sleeping well because I can't lay on my favorite side. To make matters worse, my doctor ordered me to do a blood test. (I am anemic and she wanted to have my iron and vitamin levels checked out to see if she needs to modify my vitamin intake.) So my test has to be done fasting. I skipped doing it yesterday because I just didn't feel like starving myself and there was a board meeting at work so it would be a busy day. I am a grazer, I eat all day. Or I end up over full and tired or under fed and bitchy. Breakfast is the most important for me or else I feel shitty all day.

I decided last night that I would begin my fast and arrive to work early, break down the boardroom and then head over to the vampires (phlebotomists). This would afford me time to get to work, get my shit done and get the hell outta dodge so my hungry bitch attitude is not perceived by co-workers. Little did I know, the right hand forgot to tell the left hand what it was doing. They had a training in the boardroom and no one bothered to ask me to come in an hour early to help set up. So this morning I come in to find my mics and cables in one giant pile by a door. So I had to take everything out of that room, in a giant tangled mess, into the entry way of the building and unwind everything before I could neatly put it away. What would have been a 15 minute job took me 45 minutes. If they had been a bit patient they would have had that room ready to rock n roll in the 15 minutes I intended on spending putting shit away.

No, no, instead people are pushy, disorganized and make a bigger mess than what was originally there. By the time I got everything put away it was well after the time I meant to be in the doctors office and I was ravenous! Not to mention the slightest thing would have set me off and I would have been walking in a cloud of doom and gloom all day. I figure I will just get my butt to the doc, have them draw my blood and then stuff some much needed food in my face. I was very patient at the lab and only had two people ahead of be when I arrived. I was ready and next in line when the lab tech came in, looked at my name on the list, looked confused and then asked the young lady that had just at that very moment walked in if she could help her.

What just happened here? I know EXACTLY what happened here. Little Miss Goldie Locks, knowingly or not, was holding up this sign:
My name is Asusena Eichel, my first name is of Hispanic origin but my last name is Germanic (she had a hard time pronouncing both!). So here is a list of what I think may have happened:
  1. Oh shit, an Hispanic and German name I can't pronounce! I will pass this one on to the next lab tech.
  2. God damn it, that lady probably doesn't speak any English. I will pass this one on to the next lab tech.
  3. Oh someone just entered the room! I will help them as I see no one (apparently I am no one now or just invisible) else in the office waiting.
I know for a fact it is not number 3.... so that leaves 1 or 2. By now I am fucking pissed but relieved because I didn't want that ham fisted cunt to go any where near my delicate veins anyway! The lab tech that I like was about to help me and I would be done in a heart beat with out any pain whatsoever. But oh no, then it got worse.... After my favorite tech started helping me out getting me registered, Miss Goldie Locks peeks her head in (AFTER SHE HEARS MY FLUENT ENGLISH) to trade patients!!!!! The nice lab tech trades with no questions asked and I am led away by this woman who was too good to even look at me until she realized I could: Eh-Speeky Dah Een-gleesh. I wanted to give her a good kick to the Achilles and then plead innocence and apologize while not really meaning it at all.
The rest of the story is pretty routine, she takes my info. She was slow as hell to register me, couldn't find my orders and then almost fussed when I gave her my left arm to draw my blood. I explained to her that my right arm always seems to give people trouble when drawing and it always hurts me. So she reluctantly took my blood from my left arm, VERY RELUCTANTLY. She even said: If it was up to me I would do the right ac vein in every patient of mine. BUT I guess if you know your body you know what you are talking about, we will do it your way.

Really lady? That's your attitude? Wow! By this point I was so hungry I just wanted OUT of that building. I finally sit to have some food and after the first few bites I feel like I have food coma and want a nap. I think I wore myself out with the fasting, working my ass of super hard at work, getting my blood drawn and having some lady tick me off. I almost wish today was really Wednesday so I can be better prepared for Thursday. This is not a good day.

Edit: I don't know what caused it but for some reason my body decided to puke up my first meal of the day. Great, let's hope the rest of the day goes better. I need my nutrition and peace of mind.
Check out how the needle poke turned out. It looks like Jared Leto's arm in Requiem for a Dream. She didn't hurt me when she drew my blood but GOD DAMN!

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