28 May 2014

Day 6 - West Maui

Punalau Beach
This was our final day of adventuring.  So we decided to go as far into West Maui as possible without breaking our car rental contract.  The picture above was a little turn off that we were able to stop at before turning around to avoid the 'danger' zone of driving. 

21 May 2014

Day 5 - Road to Hana (Part 2)

Obligatory photo of mile marker 0

We had so much fun on our way to Hana the first day that we didn't quite make it there.  So for Thanksgiving Day, we spent driving the Road to Hana again!  Much less traffic and tourists, I guess most folks spend their day gorging themselves on food.  We spent our day enjoying the lovely drive and frolicking on trails and several different beaches.

16 May 2014

AMGEN Tour of California

Yesterday we had record breaking heat and stage 5 of the AMGEN Tour of California go through our small community.  Right out front of the high school I happen to be working at these days.  The street was closed off and teachers were allowed to bring their students out of class to cheer on the riders.  These guys whizzed by pretty quickly but not as fast as they barreled down San Marcos Pass later that day.  70 plus miles per hour is pretty darn fast for a cyclist to be going down that mountain pass.  If I am not mistaken I believe 55 mph is the top speed for vehicles on that pass.  Watching these guys on the live news feed made my palms sweaty knowing how fast they were going down that dangerous road.  Cycling takes some balls!

14 May 2014

I hate high school.

These "students" are a lie.

Okay so maybe not high school the place, or high school the curriculum (which incidentally sucks right now), mostly I hate the high schoolers.  This isn't a reflective post about how I was bullied in high school and how now I have low self esteem.  No, I think it has more to do with the maturity level (which for some, will always remain the same). 

Since my promotion, I have been on-site at various high schools 100% of the time.  Where as before I was only let out of my little cage during non-school time (summer break, spring break, winter break).  That being said I am reminded of the stupidity of high school children.  I avoid them at all costs, I do not speak to them aside from telling them to leave a class I am working in if a teacher or other staff is not in the room.  Why?  Because they annoy me and I was not hired to deal with children.  I was hired to deal with computers, the network and other related duties.

***Warning I in no way condone inappropriate relationships between staff and students.  I also encourage people to report improper conduct if it is indeed occurring.  No one should have to feel ashamed to come forward.***

01 May 2014

A to Z Challenge: Reflections Post

Yay, I did it!! 
I (barely) reached the end of the Challenge. 
I'm not gonna lie it was a bit hard restricting myself to travel. What was I thinking?

So here are some of the questions that I am going to answer. 
Did you accomplish your goals? My goal was to post for each letter of the alphabet, so yes I met my goal.
Did you post every day? Yes and no. Some days I am busier than others so I scheduled posts. During my busy days I didn't check to see if my posts actually posted when they were supposed to. So I had a few times that my posts 'appeared' all on one day, that would be the day I realized my stuff wasn't posting. Stupid blogger messing with my junk. 
Did you make new friends? I wouldn't say I necessarily made new friends. But I did gain a few more page hits. There are a few folks that have returned to visit my blog that I intend on adding to my blog roll. Maybe as time goes they will become my interwebz friend? 
Did you enjoy the Challenge? I did enjoy the challenge and maybe next time I do it I will maybe change it to a photo a day of the given letter? I don't know, not sure if I like giving up a whole month of normal blogging for an a A-Z challenge.  I have gotten back tracked on stuff like my Hawaii posts and I still have to share my Alaskan adventures.  Not to mention an update on how I did with my pottery wheel class.  And further complains about reluctant step-parenting misadventures.

So I hope to continue full force blogging about life and such.  If there is one thing this challenge did teach me is that I do have time to blog more often than I had been.  It was just a matter of motivation, if I can just stay motivated to post at least 2-3 times a week I will be satisfied.  I have so much to share it's a shame so many would be posts just fizzle away in my brain instead of making it to posts or even drafts.