28 May 2014

Day 6 - West Maui

Punalau Beach
This was our final day of adventuring.  So we decided to go as far into West Maui as possible without breaking our car rental contract.  The picture above was a little turn off that we were able to stop at before turning around to avoid the 'danger' zone of driving. 

Hololua Bay Trail

Honolua Bay

Slaughter House Beach

Honokahua Bay

Dragon's Teeth

Hana Bar Sunday from CJ's

Shaved ice from Local Boys Shave Ice
Thanks to Badboy for the recommendation.

Banyan tree in Lahaina

Took a surf lesson from Goofy Foot Surf School
More on that magical adventure in a future blog post, I promise.

After an afternoon of surfing (my mom and aunt went shopping) we enjoyed the Old Lahaina Luau.

Lots of food, lots of drinks and a little bit of rain at the tail end of dinner.  The show was beautiful and the rain was a perfect end to a rather perfect day.  I was sad that we were leaving the following day, back home to our normal, non-paradise lives.  Though the more I travel and meet people, I don't understand how folks can see California as an idyllic place and at the same time those same folks find American's reprehensible.  Well, nevermind, I can see it... you can vilify the people but not the place I suppose.  And as the saying goes, "The grass is always greener...."

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