01 May 2014

A to Z Challenge: Reflections Post

Yay, I did it!! 
I (barely) reached the end of the Challenge. 
I'm not gonna lie it was a bit hard restricting myself to travel. What was I thinking?

So here are some of the questions that I am going to answer. 
Did you accomplish your goals? My goal was to post for each letter of the alphabet, so yes I met my goal.
Did you post every day? Yes and no. Some days I am busier than others so I scheduled posts. During my busy days I didn't check to see if my posts actually posted when they were supposed to. So I had a few times that my posts 'appeared' all on one day, that would be the day I realized my stuff wasn't posting. Stupid blogger messing with my junk. 
Did you make new friends? I wouldn't say I necessarily made new friends. But I did gain a few more page hits. There are a few folks that have returned to visit my blog that I intend on adding to my blog roll. Maybe as time goes they will become my interwebz friend? 
Did you enjoy the Challenge? I did enjoy the challenge and maybe next time I do it I will maybe change it to a photo a day of the given letter? I don't know, not sure if I like giving up a whole month of normal blogging for an a A-Z challenge.  I have gotten back tracked on stuff like my Hawaii posts and I still have to share my Alaskan adventures.  Not to mention an update on how I did with my pottery wheel class.  And further complains about reluctant step-parenting misadventures.

So I hope to continue full force blogging about life and such.  If there is one thing this challenge did teach me is that I do have time to blog more often than I had been.  It was just a matter of motivation, if I can just stay motivated to post at least 2-3 times a week I will be satisfied.  I have so much to share it's a shame so many would be posts just fizzle away in my brain instead of making it to posts or even drafts.

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