14 May 2014

I hate high school.

These "students" are a lie.

Okay so maybe not high school the place, or high school the curriculum (which incidentally sucks right now), mostly I hate the high schoolers.  This isn't a reflective post about how I was bullied in high school and how now I have low self esteem.  No, I think it has more to do with the maturity level (which for some, will always remain the same). 

Since my promotion, I have been on-site at various high schools 100% of the time.  Where as before I was only let out of my little cage during non-school time (summer break, spring break, winter break).  That being said I am reminded of the stupidity of high school children.  I avoid them at all costs, I do not speak to them aside from telling them to leave a class I am working in if a teacher or other staff is not in the room.  Why?  Because they annoy me and I was not hired to deal with children.  I was hired to deal with computers, the network and other related duties.

***Warning I in no way condone inappropriate relationships between staff and students.  I also encourage people to report improper conduct if it is indeed occurring.  No one should have to feel ashamed to come forward.***

Lately I avoid them even further.  Why?  For my protection and to avoid scandal.  Seems like this place and many more across the country are reporting more and more crimes against children.  I know my place and it does not involve students.  Maybe I come off as rude, but I think better safe than sorry.  I mean it seems like sex allegations are becoming an epidemic.  Though I have nothing to hide and have done no wrong, an accusation can ruin a life even if it is cleared up in the end.  Better safe than sorry.

I almost feel guilty for being cold to students (no eye contact or conversation) but with the crazy stuff going on around campuses these days I would hate for a polite wave and hello to be misconstrued as something else.  Did I also mention that high school children annoy the ever living crap out of me?  I know full well some kids say stupid shit for no reason, for attention or just to be mean.  I know that first hand with a lying, thieving 10 year old living in my house, who tries to cover up his lies with more lies when caught.  Maybe it is good to be overly careful.

Did I mention immaturity or is that stupidity?  I guess this trickles into adulthood, where fashion clashes with function or just plain common sense.  Just yesterday which got up to 100F (37C), a lazy student asked for a ride to class in the golf cart I was driving because it was too hot.  In my defense the cart was being used to haul computer equipment across campus, not joy riding.  I ignored the lazy kid and kept on driving.  Was it mean?  No.  Even if there were no scandals to be avoided, look at the stupidity of what the kid was wearing.

Pilfered foto NOT of student.
Even if it were Jake Gyllenhaal I still would not have stopped to pick him up.  Seriously kid the campus is not that big and you are not appropriately dressed for the weather.  Sweat it out moron, sweat it out and suffer.  Wear a damn t-short and take the stupid beanie off.  If he didn't already have brain damage from over heating I am sure he got some. 

Also, what ever happened to manners?  Here I am schlepping hardware from a classroom to the golf cart and kids are sitting on the floor of the halls, legs outstretched and are not polite enough to move.  I don't need them to move completely just long enough for me to pass without having to play 'hot lava' with teenage legs while carrying monitors and computers of varying sizes.  At one point I had the paranoid thought that one of those legs was going to purposefully try to trip me.  Whatever happened to manners?!  It would have taken them 2 seconds to bend their knees and get their shins and Vans out of my way.  I so wanted to 'accidentally' drop something.  But I am sure a parent would be suing to protect Little Johnny's right to be a proper cunt-a-saurus-rex to staff carrying equipment.

Maybe this last one irks me because having short legs I feel that no one, aside from a 5 year old should technically walk slower than I can drunkenly stumble.  I swear it is like trying to wade through molasses to walk amongst teens that are walking in groups on their way to class.  It's a wonder they make it on time with how they amble.  And what really shits me from this slow herd-like movements is the shuffling sounds of feet dragging.  PICK UP YOUR DAMN FEET YOU LAZY, DISGUSTING, FAT BODY!  This is the future of America.... Lazy kids who are pained to move at any neck breaking speed above that of a sloth.  Kids who are pained to lift a leg or heaven forbid two, to allow a passerby to make their way through a foot path.  I swear lazy is all I see everywhere....  Don't even get me started on the very chic look that is similar to what I look like when I have the flu.
You see what you started Britney?!
Okay well maybe I don't look that bad when I am sick.  But if I am sick and I leave the house I sure as hell make sure to at least comb my hair and put some clothes on.  I could blame Britney for everything but the sad fact is, I am sure it's been a thing before I can remember.  Which incidentally is around Junior High when over sized sweats and Birkenstocks with white socks were a common sight.  Okay so maybe I am getting old and am just a lawn away from yelling at kids to get off of it.  For now they are lucky I have an upstairs apartment with no lawn.  Maybe it's the common complaint of the older generation getting pissy over the younger one but it just feels like manners are not something that happens anymore.  At least not for the majority of people. 

Anyways, what a way to get back into blogging.... with some belly achin'.  Now I am going to go read some blogs and actually work on posts that don't involve my hate toward teens.... Well I can't make any promises.

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