30 December 2009

Mobile blogger is failing me!

For some reason my mobile blogging capabilities are failing. Stupid shit not working right... whatever. So here is what I meant to post from the phone in the last few days.

The Bear looking all crazy Cujo style playing with Rocky. I wish I looked that vicious when I played. Instead I just look like a lop. Hooray for me!

20 December 2009

At the play with my sisters.

Waiting for the show... after two bottles of wine between my sisters and I.

And a group shot of all three of us together. I really need to go watch a play again with them. :D

19 December 2009

LoJo lovings of doom!

So Lauren came to visit back in May. I had her take one of my Hello Kitty t-shirts and she totally tie dyed it for me :D This is the second Hello Kitty shirt she has dyed for me, she has a talent for this type of stuff. So here it is and the awesome card she sent with it too. Hooray for awesome hand made giftys of doom!

Thanks LoJo I love you!

15 December 2009

My sister makes me laugh!

So I am sitting at The Swiss, enjoying one of these:When I get a text message from my sister hard at work making MY FACE! In the comment line she calls it the Susie face. I had to work really hard not to spew my Blue Moon from laughter. Having been sitting alone I wonder what the bar patrons would have thought of my random laughter at what would have appeared to be nothing and no one. @_@