30 December 2009

Mobile blogger is failing me!

For some reason my mobile blogging capabilities are failing. Stupid shit not working right... whatever. So here is what I meant to post from the phone in the last few days.

The Bear looking all crazy Cujo style playing with Rocky. I wish I looked that vicious when I played. Instead I just look like a lop. Hooray for me!

The sunset Sunday afternoon (01/03) on our way back home to cook family dinner. We had family dinner and played games it was pretty chill.

The pig accepts me! B got me this cool pig that I got to construct all on my very own. I was a bit of Drunky McDrunk when I made it. So it looks odd but it gives the pig character. I should think of a name for it.

Awww my nail got destroyed by Rocky! It hurts but it's currently held together by super duper glue. Actually Gorilla Glue is on it right now but I think maybe today I will have to add more glue. Or wear food gloves while prepping the meat loaf.

I dunno why I found this amusing but I did, Donut Shop Coffee? I mean really?! Really?! Why on Earth is this stuff being created at all?

Panda was eating foods from me! Yeah yeah that's gross and srooss ups but I love the Bear and he loves me. So I held food out for him to snatch out of my mouf, take that suckas!

And these Cheetos are both tasty and gianormous times infinity. The other day I got a bag of these and Joey constructed a Cheeto man, I ate him. The Cheeto guy, not Joey. I had to get toothpicks specifically to make the creation come alive. IT'S ALLIIIIVVVVEEEEEEE!!!!!!

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