04 January 2010

Scrabble fun times!

So when people asked me what I did when I went down to Torrance a few weeks ago.... I have proof that I really did play Scrabble. Pretty much watched Big Bang Theory, Invader Zim, Metalocalypse and went to the movies to watch Ninja Assassin. I pretty much did what I normally do at home with the peace of mind knowing it was not Santa Malaria with all it's lame high school drama crap.

Game one went by pretty well, I won! And then after game one it got sad.
Joey: 112
Me: 205
David1: 121
David2: 65

Game two was craptastic for me. I lost, which is odd but still refreshing. It's been a long, long time since I have lost at Scrabble. So I took my defeat well and I really need to stop helping others with their game or I will just start a never ending losing streak hahahaa.
David1: 139
David2: 122
Joey: 137
Me: 105

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