27 November 2009

I make zap!

The bracelet I have to wear to ground (see the alligator clip) myself or shocking things happen. I need a new one the elastic on this one is pretty much done for. Anyone got any extras lyin’ ‘round? Hook a brotha up! Sorry for the shitty pic quality… cell phones make everything look like BigFoot, blurry!

07 November 2009


So last night I woke up twice; frightened and one time choking and gasping for air. So in all three of my dreams I was near the ocean and the waves started to get bigger. So I would back away from the water that was coming cause I don't like the ocean or the cold. And for some strange reason in one of the dreams I felt a sense of panic cause my cell phone was in my pocket and I didn't want to ruin it. (Stupid brain making dumbness happens in my dream. Who cares if I have a phone in my pocket, I hate the ocean!)

02 November 2009

Really? I mean, really?!

Seriously people, are we really so bored? Do we really have to eye spy on others? Or do we really have to sit and scrutinize the lives of others? Pass judgment? Make up stories? Really now, I know we live in a relatively small town. I know boredom leads many people in this town to using drugs, drinking and for those too sanctimonious to do either of those (or those that like to do all of the above), partake in the dreaded rumor mill. Get a hobby.... the above listed things will get you in trouble.