02 November 2009

Really? I mean, really?!

Seriously people, are we really so bored? Do we really have to eye spy on others? Or do we really have to sit and scrutinize the lives of others? Pass judgment? Make up stories? Really now, I know we live in a relatively small town. I know boredom leads many people in this town to using drugs, drinking and for those too sanctimonious to do either of those (or those that like to do all of the above), partake in the dreaded rumor mill. Get a hobby.... the above listed things will get you in trouble.

Honestly if someone is having a problem with their significant other, what business is it of everyone else? How boring it must be to sit at home and concoct little ideas of hate. To make up stories about the lives of others because some people obviously don't have a life. What does it matter what a 'friend' or acquaintance is up to? Really if I am too busy to hang out with them so be it. But if I really want to know I can pick up the phone and call, that way I know what's up without someone tainting it. No need to listen to what others have to say because really, only the person in question knows whats up.

You know if my friend says, "I have dinner plans." I leave it alone, if they were going to tell me in detail: "Hey, Susie I have a hot date. Blablabla...." Then that's up to them to tell me so. It is not my duty to interrogate or pry. As well as it is not my business to say, "Oh yeah so and so went out on a date with someone. They wouldn't tell me with who, I wonder what's going on." And THIS, this right here is what starts people talking and thinking and acting like stupid people. I think if I say, "I have dinner plans tonight." I should be able to leave it at that, if I want to volunteer more info, so be it. But the last thing I need is to feel guilty or make it look like I am hiding something when someone asks, "Oh yeah with who? Where are you going?" I especially hate it when I send a blanket email to friends for a meet up or letting them know whats up. And I get questions about who is going to be there or what is going on because really I don't expect an answer. If someone likes what I am up to for the evening and wants to join they will.... or they won't if they don't want to. If you even remotely think in your mind that you might not enjoy yourself... save yourself the trouble. I am being polite to invite people via blanket text. If you make it, cool. If you can't, too bad. If you don't like what I am up to well then, maybe next time. But I think it really crappy that in the middle of hanging out with my friends or getting ready I have to respond to messages asking who is there, what is going on, how long things will be going on for. Too much trouble than what it's worth, if you want to come out and hang with people in general, do it. If not leave me alone I don't require an RSVP for hang out time.

Right this second, my life is too busy and hectic for me to worry about rumors, who does and does not get along, what (fill in the name of anyone) is up to... I haven't had time to watch my Netflix even! Dammit. So if you wanna ask whats up go for it, but don't feel left out cause I am not offering you every detail in my life. Also I don't care to hear about petty concerns and problems right now, I know I can be a great friend but I need time to make room on my plate for the things I have coming up in life. But if it's a serious issue and you NEED to talk to me you know I am there. Even if serious means you had a bad day and need 15 minutes of my time to unwind. I would really like it if everyone in general took a chill pill and relaxed for a bit. Life is too short to take part in rumors. People are too unique to be judged indiscriminately. And it's a guarantee that not everyone will get along; there will always be someone jealous of others, someone who has nothing better to do but bring down hate and discontent, someone who feels they are above others, someone who feels they don't need people, someone who thinks they know it all.

Everyone is different we all react differently to differing situations. But if we make life harder for ourselves we also make ourselves unhappier than we need to be. So lets just take the anger face off..... stop being petty.... start smiling and enjoying life for ourselves. And when I find the rumor factory I am gonna bust windows out, just sayin'. I am even smiling I say it.

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