31 March 2014

Blogging from A to Z in April Challenge

So tomorrow starts this blogging challenge I have accepted.  Click here to check out the challenge.  I wasn’t going to have a theme for my challenge since I was just going to continue blogging as per usual with the added challenge of making it daily (aside from Sunday) and having the titles go from A-to-Z.  Sounds easy enough right?  Yeah I guess it would be if I would just stay on task with my blogging but I have been lacking in the gumption department.  So may be this challenge is what I need to get the writing going again. 
Anyway back to the theme, I am thinking I might make it travel related.  I was thinking of posting about things I have done or seen while traveling and maybe writing about future travels I wish to do.  I will try to keep it to stuff I have done but if I am stumped on a letter I will write on wishful travels.
Speaking of blogging, where have all the bloggers gone?  There were quite a few folks I followed who have just stopped writing or all together closed up their blog shop without a peep.  I kinda miss reading some of these people’s blogs but I suppose it leaves me time to write more and perhaps explore the blogosphere and find some other blogs to read avidly.  Any suggestions are welcome!

18 March 2014

Day 4 - Upcountry and Central Maui

Day 4 started out well before the sun came up.  Our plan was to catch the sunrise from the top of Haleakala, it was also the same plan several other dozen people had.  Though most of our trip to Maui did not involve places that were crowded by people, this stop was a very crowded one.  This stop also annoyed me a bit.  I loved watching the sunrise, I just didn't love the people.  It was overrun by disrespectful tourists (I know I was a tourist too, but not disrespectful).  There were signs posted to stay on the trail and even barriers put up.  Several people (mostly from across the ocean in the opposite direction of where I came from) were climbing over and into habitat protected areas.  All in the name of a good photo/video spot.  They were rude, disrespectful and appeared dismayed that they were not allowed carte blanche to be douche bags to nature.  They also had no qualms standing directly in front of you butt rubbing your crotch and blocking your view.  Enough of my nagging!  The sunrise was amazing.

07 March 2014

Day 3 - Maalaea Bay

On day three we opted for an early day of activities.  Our first activity of the day was a nice visit to the Maui Ocean Center.  We had planned to go snorkeling later in the day but wanted to find something fun to do that was not to physically taxing earlier in the day.  The Maui Ocean Center was it.

To the right of where my mom and aunt (your right not theirs) were standing is a giant shark mouth that makes for a great photo op.  Too bad I missed out on being eaten by a shark, I was saved by my urgent need to find a restroom.  I swear I must have a bladder the size of an infants.  Luckily the bathrooms were clearly marked and I had not trouble on this trip finding a bathroom.  The last trip I didn't fair so well with locating bathrooms.