31 March 2014

Blogging from A to Z in April Challenge

So tomorrow starts this blogging challenge I have accepted.  Click here to check out the challenge.  I wasn’t going to have a theme for my challenge since I was just going to continue blogging as per usual with the added challenge of making it daily (aside from Sunday) and having the titles go from A-to-Z.  Sounds easy enough right?  Yeah I guess it would be if I would just stay on task with my blogging but I have been lacking in the gumption department.  So may be this challenge is what I need to get the writing going again. 
Anyway back to the theme, I am thinking I might make it travel related.  I was thinking of posting about things I have done or seen while traveling and maybe writing about future travels I wish to do.  I will try to keep it to stuff I have done but if I am stumped on a letter I will write on wishful travels.
Speaking of blogging, where have all the bloggers gone?  There were quite a few folks I followed who have just stopped writing or all together closed up their blog shop without a peep.  I kinda miss reading some of these people’s blogs but I suppose it leaves me time to write more and perhaps explore the blogosphere and find some other blogs to read avidly.  Any suggestions are welcome!

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