01 April 2014

A to Z Challenge: A is for Arctic

Two days ago I actually flew into Coldfoot, Alaska.  It is roughly 60 miles north of the demarcation line for the Arctic Circle.  I have never felt cold like this before... and the sad part is, Alaska has had an unusually warm winter.  I hate to think how miserable I would have been IF it was typical Alaska weather. 

Layers:  Top was my supportive undergarment, tank, thermal, tee, light hoodie and the hoodie you see me wearing in the photo.  For the evening... which started really late ( darkness only came well after 10 pm)  I had a snowboarding parka.  I did shit for how cold I felt, in my uncultured mind, I assume Alaska was cold AND windy.  No Susie, only where you live does the wind howl at all hours.  SO yeah the parka was an added layer that did nothing.  Bottom was of course underoos, 2 long Johns, 2 pairs of knee high socks and a pair of ankle socks ( once me feet get cold I am done for).  And at night the snowboarding pants that sound amazing when I walk.  By amazing I mean it sounds like little Munchkins are having a zip tie symphony.  No joke!  Now I know what hefty thighs in cords sound like... well I knew that already but it was more evident since I wasn't boarding, I was walking

I hope to return to Alaska for the endless day light in the summer and the endless night in the winter.  Call me a glutton for punishment but I think it builds character to be subjected to -45 degree (F) weather.  If other humans have done it so can I!  This has concluded my daily ranting before I am off to enjoy a brewery in Fairbanks.... be jealous!

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