14 April 2014

A to Z Challenge: L is for Lava Beds

Lava Beds National Monument is out in the sticks! I didn't even know they existed but I am glad I learned of their existence.  I remember it was in August, it was hot and the air felt quite oppressive.  I grew up at sea level so the elevation was causing me to feel fatigued.  10 feet into any cave the air temperature dropped quickly, more so in the ice caves.  I almost wish I had been better prepared for the lava beds.  Unfortunately, much like my random stop at Klamath, the lava tubes were an afterthought that was squeezed into my road trip. 

I was just talking to the mister and he thinks it would be a great idea to go there.  Maybe on the way up to Grant's Pass we can take a day or two to camp at this lovely high desert.  A quiet, dark, natural place to stargaze at night.... and a spelunkers paradise during the day.

*Photos pilfered from the government.  Back when I road-tripped, I didn't have a camera because it was a million years ago and capturing moments in time was low on my list of priorities.

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