15 April 2014

A to Z Challenge: M is for Munich

Another pilfered photo
I already have an image heavy post about Munich here.  I just have two things to say about Munich beer and food.  Okay, the buildings are pretty cool and the people seem way laid back too which was nice.  For my first German city, I really liked it.  The public transportation was impecable!

So back to the food.  I got to try weisswurst for the first time in Munich, oh man that is some GOOD sausage!  My sister and I enjoyed it so much we had to go for round two the next day.  We crave it from time to time and the only place we can get it is from German Deli.  If you live in the US, Puerto Rico, Canada or have an APO/FPO; they ship to you.  So if you are in the mood for some German goodies, they are good.  I have ordered from them twice and have no complaints.

As a side note blogger seems to be failing at posting my scheduled posts.  Sorry thins one posted a day late but it was intended for yesterday.  Guess I will have to find time to clock the Publish button.

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