24 April 2014

A to Z Challenge: U is for Underwater

Anyone who has known me for any length of time knows about my fear of the ocean.  I started taking baby-steps and learned to swim.  While in Hawaii, I did the unthinkable and went snorkeling.  I actually swam out, away from the boat, on my own and looked into the ocean.  I got to see the wonder and beauty that I was only able to see through fish tanks before.  I got to swim through a bunch of little fish and I loved it.  I was scared to death when I got in the water but after my panic subsided and by breathing returned to normal I was off exploring INSIDE the ocean.

I am hoping to continue snorkeling when I go on other adventures.  Being able to see life underwater was life changing and inspired me to face my fears more often.  I hope to have the opportunity to go underwater again in the future.  Maybe on my next vacation!

More on facing my fears in Hawaii will be coming up soon as soon as this blog challenge is over.  I plan to upload some video I was able to take while snorkeling too.

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