23 April 2014

A to Z Challenge: T is for Tehachapi

Tehachapi has been something of a recurring place for me since about the time I was 16.  I remember my friend Jeff talking about Tehachapi, A LOT!  He wanted to visit Tehachapi for one reason, the train.  You can look up lots of news related articles regarding the Tehachapi Loop.  He was a train buff and envied that I lived so close to the train tracks and could stand so close to them as they whizzed by.  I still haven't had the chance to see a train descend or ascend the Tehachapi Loop.  I wonder if Jeff ever got to see a train on the loop.

Later in life, on my first road trip to Las Vegas, we passed Tehachapi.  I had never witnessed windmills like the ones in Tehachapi or so many!  I think in retrospect I would have preferred a nature walk in the area surrounding Tehachapi than having gone to Vegas.  

A few years after that I met a gal online through a message board, we exchanged addresses and she lived in Tehachapi!  I sent her a few of my t-shirts for her to tye-dye and I knitted her light green toque.  I wish I had gone to visit her while she still lived in Tehachapi.  I still intend on stopping there one day to see the loop and spend some time there outdoors.

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