16 April 2014

A to Z Challenge: N is for Netherlands

And annoyed that my post failed again.  Even after I check the time/date/zone.  Blogger I officially hate you and will be looking for a suitable replacement.  But before that let's get back to my day, just ONE, in the Netherlands.  Specifically Amsterdam for a 20 some odd hour layover.

Okay I lie, the layover was cut short by bone chilling winds, travel exhaustion and just plain exhaustion.  In the first picture I posted you can see I have a foot bandaged up.  That foot had walked for 2 weeks all over Germany and I think my poor hurt ankle was done for.  And I was done for.  But while in Amsterdam I did get to visit the Anne Frank House, Homomonument, Vondelpark, the giant I amsterdam sign, took a canal tour and had the best cup of coffee I think I have ever tasted in my life.  I did not visit a Coffee Shop, though I probably should have since they are now verboden to foreigners.  Ah such is life, being from California a smoke shop really wasn't of much interest to me, every corner street of a large city has a dispensary here.  Oh, we also got to stay in the airports capsule hotel which was expensive and kinda creepy.

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