09 April 2014

A to Z Challenge: H is for HooDoo

HooDoo Brewing Company was the only brewery I visited in Alaska.  I can't judge all Alaskan beers the same but I kinda want to.  I really didn't find any beer that stood out among the rest that I tried.  Most if not all of the beers from HooDoo had this funky aftertaste.  Like if I had mixed up a handful of dirt in with my beer.  I get the same dirt flavor when I have had Budweiser or similar swill.  But I digress, let me move on to the beers.  A flight of 6 is twelve USD.

Sorry about the shitty picture but I was too busy dying of Thai food coma.  But I will list off the 6 we tried (it was what they had available):
German Kölsch: ABV 5.1% // IBU 25
Belgian Saison: ABV: 5.9% // IBU: 19
Scottish Export Ale: ABV: 5.6% // IBU: 26
American IPA:  ABV: 7.2% // IBU: 73
Belgian Tripel: ABV: 8.3% // IBU: 30 
HooDoo Stout: ABV: 5.8% // IBU: 45 

I did have a second helping of their HooDoo Stout, we even took home a growler to share back home.  For a small brew company they do a great job with the selection of merchandise and keep their website up to date with what's on tap.

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