03 April 2014

A to Z Challenge: C is for Cockpit

I got to enjoy a cool ride to Coldfoot, Alaska on an 8-seater plane.  I got full view of the cockpit as there was no co-pilot.  I really enjoyed the flight, you could see out both sides of the plane and didn't have to worry about the typical flight problems people are hassled with.  You got the isle AND window seat, no standing room or bathroom so no one would have to disturb your travels.  You just sit back, enjoy the ride and take in the scenery.

While up in the air the pilot was nice enough to point out some places of interest as well as angle the plane accordingly to show us the spots he was talking about.  We flew over a village that has no roads going in and out of it, it's all done via planes.  I got to the the beautiful Yukon River, still frozen but still quite visible and HUGE!  We also got to see several of the different peaks and mountain ranges.

Given the chance I would love to fly in a small plane just for the chance to see the countryside at a lower level than a larger plane and the ability to see on both sides of the plane.  The ride was very smooth as well as the take off and landing.  I expected a rougher plane ride on a smaller plane than one you get on a larger one, I guess it was just a good day for flying.  It was scary when we got to Coldfoot because there was snow on the tarmac which worried me a bit but I guess it was ok.  For some reason I assumed landing couldn't be done on a snowy tarmac.  Live 'n' learn!

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