28 January 2012

Now that I have had time to reflect...

I will share my story of utter dunces at a restaurant. First there are a few things you must know:
  1. I like booze, so when I go out to eat, I drink it.
  2. I am not a fussy or picky eater. If I asked for my salad without tomatoes and it you brought it with.... I am going to save myself the headache of having them remake it (and probably spit in it) and just pick them out of my salad.
  3. I don't super customize my order. Generally I order as it appears on the menu and maybe get a side of sauce to compliment what I am eating.
  4. I tip well, I am not a chintzy person. I KNOW where I live these servers make their living primarily off of tips.
So with all of that shared I will now tell the tale of the WORST dining experience in my life. (Okay maybe one of the top worse... the other was breakfast and my coffee cup had lipstick on it. The waitress wiped it off with her apron and called it "fixed". But I digress and that's a whole other story for another time.)

27 January 2012

Dear Susie,

Where have you been? Well I have 2 answers; one is a truth and the other is well I am just being a lazy sack. But I will be taking a trip with my little sister in April. So I spent most of January researching hostels, flights, train schedules and trying to learn a bit of German. So I am taking a pause from learning Japanese, which in my opinion is much easier to read than German. I guess I just have to get the letter pronunciations down and it will get easier. So far I have learned the basic greetings, how to order beer and food (beer being the most important of course) and how to ask for the bathroom. So here are where we plan to visit:
  • Munich
  • Frankfurt
  • Wiesbaden
  • Cologne
  • Berlin
  • Amsterdam
It is quite possible that we may pit stop other towns but those are the places we will actually be staying in to rest. We can't all go balls to the wall, meth head and backpack properly with out having proper sleep and rest.

So, am I ready? No... I think I need to get a doctors note for some of these....
No, no, I don't want to abuse them. I just have some anxiety surrounding my trip. This will be my FIRST time backpack traveling in a different country. (Going to Mexico doesn't count because it's just like where I live now!) It will be my FIRST time on an airplane. Yes, it's true at 31 I have still not put my butt into an airplane. I'm not scared but I know when I am about to do any FIRST, I get pretty anxious. And JUST IN CASE I NEED IT, I would like to have my xannys by my side for the flight. What if I am one of those people that are afraid to fly? I would rather be prepared. ***Prepared= get saucy and pass out till I get where we are going.***

Anyone have any travel tips for going abroad?

On a completely unrelated note:

Dollar store coffee mugs that I spotted at the store yesterday. Now I can have coffee mugs to match the religious candles I see posted up in memorial spots all over town where traffic accidents happen. I found these cups utterly ridiculous and have decided to return for them sometime this weekend.

Well that's about what I have been doing... lazy stuff. Oh wait I forgot!!! I haven't been lazy, I have been going to the gym to swim. I figured since I tried surfing not knowing how to swim, and since I liked it so much, I should learn. I was absolutely terrified and frozen to the bone trying to surf but it was so much fun. I think I would really enjoy it if I learned AND had a better fitting wetsuit. Even though my friend and I are the same size, we have differing body shapes.

15 January 2012

Did you know that horses scare me?

Yeah, I am scared of horses for the stupidest reason on Earth. They have big teeth!!!
Forget the fact that they are bigger than I am and can trample me to death if they so desire. I am just afraid that they will bite me. I know, I know, it's probably not likely but I have seen horse bites.
Yeah, fuck that noise! I don't need Mr. Ed's dental imprint on my body. Looks painful and not in a good way. So I stay away from them. But I did go see mini horse creatures at the park today.

That is not my hand in the picture but I did work up the courage to pet some of the ponies. They were nice and the guy at the pony rides said to keep your hand flat and not to lean against the fence. He said if they bite it's not because they are vicous. He said most people are being absent minded and lean on a fence and while they are not paying attention they get nibbled on.

So I learned some things about horsey creatures today. But I still think I will keep my distance, one of these days I want to hit Pismo Beach and rent a horse to walk the beach on.