15 January 2012

Did you know that horses scare me?

Yeah, I am scared of horses for the stupidest reason on Earth. They have big teeth!!!
Forget the fact that they are bigger than I am and can trample me to death if they so desire. I am just afraid that they will bite me. I know, I know, it's probably not likely but I have seen horse bites.
Yeah, fuck that noise! I don't need Mr. Ed's dental imprint on my body. Looks painful and not in a good way. So I stay away from them. But I did go see mini horse creatures at the park today.

That is not my hand in the picture but I did work up the courage to pet some of the ponies. They were nice and the guy at the pony rides said to keep your hand flat and not to lean against the fence. He said if they bite it's not because they are vicous. He said most people are being absent minded and lean on a fence and while they are not paying attention they get nibbled on.

So I learned some things about horsey creatures today. But I still think I will keep my distance, one of these days I want to hit Pismo Beach and rent a horse to walk the beach on.

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