23 December 2013

It's called, "I win!"

My sister and I went down to O'Sullivan's Pub on Thursday night for a pint and bonding time. And of course to celebrate me passing a test for a job promotion; next up is the interview.  While there, she was kind enough to purchase a raffle ticket for me. 

The raffle was held on Saturday but I left before they called out the winners. The pub is closed on Sunday's so I assumed since I didn't get a call Saturday I didn't win. Turns out I won the second top prize, pretty cool huh.  I don't drink PBR but a mini-fridge is rad to own if you have an office with no means to keep your lunch from spoiling or you live with roommates.  My sister will get some good use out of this fridge either at home or in her office.
Thanks for the raffle ticket Sylvia.
And thanks for the mini-fridge O'Sullivan's.

18 December 2013

How The Grinch Stole Christmas

Literally, I am kinda grinchy and I really did steal Christmas.  Due to my profession, I have not worked a Christmas in, well, geez.... I never have worked a Christmas, ever.  I grew up in a JW household; now, now, no need to feel sorry for me.  I am really not too big on Christmas like those folks who want to keep Christ in Christmas.  I am also not big on the feeling of obligation that come with a commercialized Christmas.  I don't want to have to get a gift for someone because it is expected.  If I gift it's because I feel like it.  Also, when I ask not to be gifted, I end up gifted.  Which is so lame cause half the time it's oddball stuff that I would never use.  Point being is I would rather have Christmas to do as I wish with my paid time off... not attend obligatory events.

13 December 2013


Diabetes sucks, runs in the family but from what I gather it can happen to anyone if they let their weight climb above what is normal.  Let me clarify, I am talking Type 2 Diabetes.  My grandmother lived a long life for someone who had Type 2.  Though, she did succumb to complications of diabetes (coupled with the incompetence of the hospital she was at).  My grandmother ended up in an out of the hospital for about two weeks before they finally amputated her leg.  Her old, frail body just didn't bounce back so well after the surgery and she passed away.

I don't want to go out suffering like that and I don't want any other relatives to suffer the same fate.  My mom and sister are right on the border edge of Type 2 if they don't watch their diet and health; they will end up with diabetes.  But my uncle who is more like a brother than an uncle has had Type 2 for some time now.  Though it's sad to say, I have always known in the back of my mind he would probably be the first to go out of my grandmother's children from natural causes.  Diabetes is a bitch and you gotta stay on top of your diet and medications to control it.

My uncle is still just a big kid.

12 December 2013


My mom is new to the world of cell phones.  When she first got her phone she would text me asking what commonly used acronyms meant.  Turns out my brother was communicating with her using some complex language she didn't understand.  So she used her daughters to break the codes for her: lol, wtf, ttyl and other commonly used acronyms used in texts, emails and even *gasp* when people are talking.  Yeah, I know, it bothers me too when people say 'lol' instead of just laughing.  I don't get it either.

09 December 2013


No, not that kind of firestarter.

No not that one either.  Though maybe a bit closer to the truth than the former firestarter.

There are events or people that remind me of times gone by.  Old times, maybe not good times, maybe angst encumbered teen times?  I am not a fire bug.  I have a healthy respect for fire and I don't wanna go burning down California.  I hear you end up in deep doody for lighting fires for shits 'n' giggles 'round these parts.  Plus I love trees!

03 December 2013

Enrichment, it's a necessity of life. (Part 2)

This is a continuation to part 1, I have been on holiday and busy with life so I am a tad behind.  Not to fear, Hawaii story time will be on it's way soon enough.

At one point I even took Andy with me to have breakfast and just chat.  I tried to explain things that are important to me.  I tried to find out what is important to him and how we can function more smoothly as a family unit.  I think I bored him to death but at least he enjoyed his pancakes that were drowned in syrup.  Maybe the breakfast and chat was more for me but I am hoping he listened not just heard some of what I had to say.  I am also trying to be receptive to what he has to say but it's so hard when he is obviously lying.  He isn't very good at lying either, he should just give up and come clean about stuff.  During our breakfast I asked him if he wanted to carve pumpkins for Halloween.  Guess what he said, go on, guess.....