23 December 2013

It's called, "I win!"

My sister and I went down to O'Sullivan's Pub on Thursday night for a pint and bonding time. And of course to celebrate me passing a test for a job promotion; next up is the interview.  While there, she was kind enough to purchase a raffle ticket for me. 

The raffle was held on Saturday but I left before they called out the winners. The pub is closed on Sunday's so I assumed since I didn't get a call Saturday I didn't win. Turns out I won the second top prize, pretty cool huh.  I don't drink PBR but a mini-fridge is rad to own if you have an office with no means to keep your lunch from spoiling or you live with roommates.  My sister will get some good use out of this fridge either at home or in her office.
Thanks for the raffle ticket Sylvia.
And thanks for the mini-fridge O'Sullivan's.

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