25 April 2011

How to solve modern pal problems

Sometimes I think Psychology Today is psychic... I was talking to a friend about friendships. How sometimes they come and go... sometimes you grow really close and suddenly never talk again. I know it has happened to me where a friend I once had is suddenly not as close or ever close again.

So I am posting this link for anyone who has felt that their friendships have died, grown apart, been interrupted for whatever reason.

This article has some common issues that come up between friends and how to tackle them in the right frame of mind.

Psychology Today article.

21 April 2011

Afternoon Adventures

The mister and I get to watch our friend's son this afternoon for a few hours... I figured since it's so nice out that we could go for a walk with him. So I am having mommy bring the stroller. My boyfriend says we get the stroller and his pirate sword so we can kill other strollers on our walk.

Our afternoon walk today should be quite entertaining... at least in my imagination it is. More than likely our friend's son will chew the pirate sword and eye spy where we are going on our afternoon death march. But in my mind, we will navigate his pirate stroller while he attacks unsuspecting strollers and steals their booty!

15 April 2011

Tokyo Godfathers

Tokyo Godfathers is pretty damn awesome. Don’t let the fact that it is subbed and not dubbed dissuade you from watching a really well made anime. The plot is awesome and the animation is good too.

13 April 2011

New Clock

My new clock is better than yours!

Thanks Nina, I love it.

11 April 2011

Summer Wars

Summer Wars=bad ass movie.

Everyone should watch it…. twice!

10 April 2011

Beer is good.

I think after work I would like a beer. It was a long day and I want it to feel good now.

Let’s hope that I get my reclass and that I get some good amount of house work done tonight.

09 April 2011

Gragraph Home Earthquake Seismograph

  • Perceives shaking, and indicates on display

  • Warns of shaking with sound and voice

  • Indicates level from 3-10

  • Keeps record of previous seismic activity

  • During the night, it activates a safety light

  • Calendar/Clock function

You can buy it through Japan Trend Shop

08 April 2011

Eco friendly batteries?!

  • Two sets of three batteries (6 AA batteries in total)

  • Proprietary NoPoPo hydro-electric battery from Aqua Power Japan

  • Holds charge up to ten years

  • Also charges with beer, sake, cola, or even urine

  • Size: 9.65 x 2.75cm (3.75 x 1 .08")

  • Current: 60mA-300mA

  • Capacity: 1.6Ah-0.6Ah

  • Voltage: 2.1V

  • Can be charged up to five times

  • Manual: Japanese

I would be willing to spring the 37 to add these babies to my disaster preparedness kit.

Buy them at Japan Trend Shop.

07 April 2011

I pride myself in doing things right.

It feels nice to be appreciated.

Coworker thanking me with Hello Kitty goodies for a job well done.

Thanks Karen!!! <3

06 April 2011

I guess people just wanna look good.

I was cruising around checking out random products online when I stumbled across this:

At first look I thought it was Robo-Biore.... but in reality it is to:

Push up that nose of yours to create the perfect profile with this handy Beauty Lift High Nose, a beauty gadget that applies gentle electric vibrations from the bottom, side and front. Just slip it on and turn on the switch on the front of the frame. While the supports hold your nose in place the buzzing will help shape your nose into just that little bit firmer and higher. All you need is three minutes once a day and you (and everyone else) will soon notice the difference!

I know sometimes changing looks can give people a better sense of self but this device seems like a con rather than an effort to help people achieve their beauty goals. My advice: get used to your nose OR save up enough to get a real nose job.

Even though I got teased about my nose as a kid, I am glad that I never wanted to change it. I like that it makes my face different and I have been told that my nose is quite likable. Whether it's a lie or not makes no difference. I like my face.

04 April 2011

Dear Me n Ed’s Pizzeria,

Please consider training your employees on how to use the order manager. A little extra training to your employees would assist in their confidence, expedite orders and ultimately allow your employees to get off the phone and MAKE the orders.


Starving Susie

03 April 2011

Ten-Ten Dama

The Ten-Ten Dama is one of those toys that's so cool, only the Japanese could have come up with it. Toss the brightly-colored crepe ball into the air, and watch it expand, contract, and invert itself right before your eyes! There are no fancy electronics inside, just expert craftsmanship built on simple physical principles. Kids (and adults) will have hours of fun playing with this ball together.

Really couldn't have said it better myself. It's a do nothing toy but it's nifty!

02 April 2011


Clockman and I could be really good friends... and he will probably nag my "real" friends right out of my life. How cute!

01 April 2011

Friends, new and old: The dark side of companionship.

Seventy-year-olds are less excited about making new friends than kids in their 20s.

The older I get the more I find this to be true... and those that I do choose to befriend are more mature than those I would have befriended in my past.

Psychology Today article.