25 June 2013

Review: Avon Nail Art Design Strips

It's not often that I get into girly froo-froo stuff, let alone review it.  A few weeks ago my sister gave me some nail art strips to try out (her husband sells Avon).  She wanted to know how I liked them and if they were any good.

15 June 2013

Same shit, different name?

Over a nice dinner with the in-laws (sister and pop) school grades were discussed.  My sis in-laws daughter scored "4 and 5's", which I assumed to be good.  I asked what's with the number scale?  They don't grade A, B, C, D, F with a sprinkling of + and - in the mix?  No, now they are graded 1,2,3,4,5.

07 June 2013

There goes my buzz....

A bottle of wine deep and two-thirds of the bathroom cleaned when Murphy comes a knockin' at my door.  I thought I would spend my Friday night at home packing crap and cleaning house.  I got tired of packing crap so I figured I would make the bathroom nice.  A nice uneventful evening at home cleaning, packing and drinking wine right?

No, not right.

The fucking shower knob thingamajigger broke.  It's not the first time... the first time it was age that made the plastic part inside break.  This time it's cheap plastic (replaced by even cheaper property management) that caused the problem.  You turn the knob but the plastic part inside is not grabbing the inner bits that cause the water to come out.  I can actually see the plastic innards have snapped apart.

Mine is not a Moen, it has no brand.
So here I am at 21:30, in my house garb, sweaty and hands smelling of bathroom cleansers with a broken shower.

I call the maintenance hot-line, which I can tell is located somewhere in The South.  If I know anything, I know that maintenance here works at the speed of a one-legged man who broke his one leg.  I spent the day working and then attending high school graduation out on this unusually warm, sunny day.  THEN I went home to slave some more.  I wanted a damn shower.

Then I call my gym, I never go at night.  They close at 11 on Fridays so I have time to get over there and wash up.  Then the brilliant idea hits me, I should have a little run/brisk walk while I am there.  I have time for a little exercise before my shower.  

So now I am clean with a broken shower.  I have an empty bottle of wine that I feel none of the effects of having imbibed.  It's now approaching midnight, should I pop open the soju?

It's probably best I do not since I am supposed to help a friend move to his new place first thing in the morning.  -_-

I probably shouldn't have gone down to 7-11 for a French Vanilla Cappuccino either.  I hope tonight isn't a sign of how 'smooth' my weekend will go.

06 June 2013


I say may-oh-naze but the husband calls it man-aze which sounds like man-aids to me.  So forever when we run out of mayo... I laugh.  Then ask my husband why on Earth he would want "man aids", eeew!  It's a running joke in my house that will probably never get old.  We are both California-born and raised, where does the slight difference in our pronunciation come from?

05 June 2013

Get over yourself!

Not the same girl.
But the driver of the car was wearing a derp face, glasses without lenses and a knitted hat.

'Yeah, you driving in the car with the headlights off, get over yourself and pay attention!'

After doing my sister's nails last night she was driving me to meet the mister at the gas station.  On our way there, a vehicle was driving behind us with it's headlights off.  So in an effort to annoy the driver into flashing their high-beams and realizing their lights weren't even on; sis was driving 10 mph under the speed limit.  You would think in California, land of the impatient driver (famous for the California Roll), the person behind us would have become impatient and flashed us.  Nope.

Too cool for school hipster woman was too busy, probably high as fuck, probably talking about how cute guys are with Paul Bunyan beards and flannels with her equally oblivious gal pal.  By now there is a third car on the road.  Hipster mobile was between our truck and another car.  There were two guys in the other car trying to get the girl's attention about their lights.  And these hipster buffoons think they are getting hit on.  So they are giggling, shaking their heads at the guys and looking our direction.  So I point to their car and make motion that their lights need to be turned on.

These self absorbed hipsters probably thought they were getting hit on by girls now because the lights didn't go on.  They just sat at the light flailing about like morons.  We were turning left so, we left the idiots to fall into a drug induced paranoia that the guys next to them were going to follow them for raping or something.  Fucking idiots... so self absorbed that they thought all the waving, pointing and gesturing was about them and not the car.  Some people really just should not be allowed to drive, let alone breathe.  Women drivers do really sucks.... hipster ones even more so cause they apparently don't know or think they do.  They just think people are trying to pick up on them while they lay waste to other cars.

03 June 2013

Movin' to the country....

....gonna eat me a lot of peaches

Yep, just got the call that I am approved to move in July 12th to Country Oaks.  This was my second choice, the first one didn't work out.  This place is slightly more expensive than my first choice.  The location is pretty choice though.  It's literally around the block from my gym and there are 2 big grocery stores within a 5 minute walk.  It's also just down the way from the elementary school Joey's kiddo will be attending (if he stays longer than just for the summer).

I will be leaving La Vista's loft that I pay $908 for and will be paying $1145 for a 2-bedroom apartment.  I am glad to be leaving La Vista, they make it out to be a really nice place to live.  Honestly it's pretty ghetto and their maintenance staff works at neck breaking snail speeds.  I inquired about moving into a bigger place and they charge $1345 for their 2-bedroom apartments.  They are more expensive and are all around suckier.  The new place has outside storage AND a spot to hook up a washer/dryer.  Fuck yes!  No more laundromat. 
So now the dreaded packing and cleaning shall commence.  I really hate moving but you gotta do it sometimes.  Maybe if I remember to do it I will do a video tour of the new place.  Ack, I just realized I gotta get on the task of switching my utilities over to the new place.  I suppose I should quit farting around on the internet and get to doing what I need to get done.

01 June 2013

There's no crying in baseball!

I was cutting onions, swear!
When life gives you lemons, she usually cuts them open and squeezes them straight in your eyes.

How the fuck am I supposed to make a lemonade out of that?!