03 June 2013

Movin' to the country....

....gonna eat me a lot of peaches

Yep, just got the call that I am approved to move in July 12th to Country Oaks.  This was my second choice, the first one didn't work out.  This place is slightly more expensive than my first choice.  The location is pretty choice though.  It's literally around the block from my gym and there are 2 big grocery stores within a 5 minute walk.  It's also just down the way from the elementary school Joey's kiddo will be attending (if he stays longer than just for the summer).

I will be leaving La Vista's loft that I pay $908 for and will be paying $1145 for a 2-bedroom apartment.  I am glad to be leaving La Vista, they make it out to be a really nice place to live.  Honestly it's pretty ghetto and their maintenance staff works at neck breaking snail speeds.  I inquired about moving into a bigger place and they charge $1345 for their 2-bedroom apartments.  They are more expensive and are all around suckier.  The new place has outside storage AND a spot to hook up a washer/dryer.  Fuck yes!  No more laundromat. 
So now the dreaded packing and cleaning shall commence.  I really hate moving but you gotta do it sometimes.  Maybe if I remember to do it I will do a video tour of the new place.  Ack, I just realized I gotta get on the task of switching my utilities over to the new place.  I suppose I should quit farting around on the internet and get to doing what I need to get done.

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