01 June 2013

There's no crying in baseball!

I was cutting onions, swear!
When life gives you lemons, she usually cuts them open and squeezes them straight in your eyes.

How the fuck am I supposed to make a lemonade out of that?!

Being thick skinned has its advantages.  And I will have to venture out and say it has its disadvantages as well.  It seems that the same skin that I use to, 'I'm rubber you're glue' people, seems to work from the inside out.  Except the rubber and glue is one and the same on the inside.  Shaddap!  My logic is flawless.  Or at least my imagination likes to tell me so.

Anyone who has known me for any length of time knows I am my own worst critic.  I am harder on myself than anyone else ever has been (or will ever be).  Probably a glutton for punishment?  Probably why at times of, 'oh my god what the fuck do I do now', I am prone to cutting onions.  I try to limit my onion cutting to quiet dark places no one can see me... or my car where the neighbors wonder why I am in the carport crying at no one.  Primal Scream Therapy doesn't work so well in apartments so the car it is.

I often times say ignorance is bliss... and I kinda think I am right.  The happy little mongoloid zombies go about their day content with their Mtv, Mc Donalds and emo boy haircuts .  While there are others that are self-plauged (made that up, at least I think so) by the hamster wheel upstairs that is powered by the Energizer Bunny of hamsters.  That fucking hamster if I ever get my hands on it.  Burning down it's house along with that lemon giving bitch. 

Some people can cope with life's lemons... some just can't hack it it seems.  I guess my only real option is to put myself on the literal hamster wheel and clear my thoughts.  I mean aside from my health tonics....  What else can I do?

And buck up kiddo, you'll show 'em (and yourself).  Now get done chopping those damn onions cause nothing can keep you down aside from yourself.  So knock that shit off will ya?!

Yeah, yeah, I just needed a swift self-kick in the pants.
Sometimes it's better off not knowing some things.

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