25 June 2013

Review: Avon Nail Art Design Strips

It's not often that I get into girly froo-froo stuff, let alone review it.  A few weeks ago my sister gave me some nail art strips to try out (her husband sells Avon).  She wanted to know how I liked them and if they were any good.

For the price, worth it.

I think they would work best for date night or some other such thing.  Since I work  with my hands, they were perfect the first day.  From there after they started lifting and eventually peeling completely off.  By the end of the week I had 4 still hanging on that I just peeled off myself.  I don't usually paint my nails because they get messed up that same day.  I will be trying these sticker devices again during non-peak hours for my hands.

The cool thing about these stickers is you can put them on, get dressed, do your hairs and makeups and not worry about smudging your polish.  Plus if you have a chill secretary job or librarian job or something not so tough on nails they will stay on for a long time.  I actually was working on small electronics and scrubbing the bathroom so they started lifting quickly.  Curse of the working class I suppose.

That's my nail stickered hand.
So the way these little boogers work is just like real boogers.  Pick 'em and stick 'em!  You get a card with varying sizes of long stickers.  I probably should have taken a picture of the before product.  Pfft whatever, like I said I don't review this stuff ever.  Anyhow you pick the ones that will cover your entire nail, then the part that hangs over is just filed off!  No scissors or pre-trimming.  You just file the overlap part down against your nail as the guide.  Easy peasy!  The packaging says to have your hands washed and properly dried.  Yeah I am going to take that a bit further and suggest a slight buffing to the top of the nail to help the sticky stuff adhere a bit better.  I noticed the first places the stickers peeled up were around the nail bed.  I am guessing that would help.  I haven't given these a second go around because I am a busy bee packing for the new place.

My place feels like a box fortress.  I have a few weeks left and hope to have it all packed and ready to go on my move in date.  My bad habit is to leave the packing until the week I move... and then have a mini-(ok not so mini) breakdown..  This time I am focused on not getting overwhelmed.  I will also try and keep to my workout routine.  Last week sucked and I only took time out of my day to center myself twice!  So there you have it.  Hope that my next post is a little more substance and not so fail-fashionista.

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