01 July 2013

California Scenario - Noguchi Garden

The last time I was in Costa Mesa I didn't even know about the Noguchi Garden.  It wasn't until after I headed home from a wedding that I realized I was within walking distance of it.  And when a fellow blogger posted photos from his visit there, I knew I had missed out.

In numerical order: Forest Walk, Spirit of the Lima Bean, Water Use, Desert Land, Water Source, Land Use and Energy Fountain.
You can read more about Isamu Noguchi's California Scenario here

Forest Walk: Visitors pass a patch of California redwoods to evoke one of California's salient characteristics.
After taking pictures of the garden I spent most of my morning sitting up on that bench.  Surrounded by trees and grass I was kept cool from the city's summer heat.  I could have stayed sitting there all day enjoying the solitude.

Spirit Of The Lima Bean: Twelve-foot-high granite boulders, indicative of the land, once used as a Lima Bean farm.
I have seen hardkoretom take pictures of reflections and thought I would give it a go.  The photo above almost looks like a double exposure.  The windows were highly reflective and very clean.  You can even see the reflection from the water on the wall (the outside wall not the one in the building) in the background. 

Water Use: A granite wedge symbolizing the end of the California Scenario stream.
A view from the back of the wedge looking to the Forest side.

Water Use
A view from the back of the wedge looking to the desert side.

Desert Land: Symmetrical mound planted with a variety of cacti, agave and other desert plants.

Desert Land

Water Source: A thirty-foot-high sandstone triangle functions as the beginning of the stream.

Land Use: Consisting of an eight-foot-high knoll, topped with a simple form of Sierra white granite.
And behind the simple granite form is yet another monolith-like form.

Energy Fountain: Embodies California energy.  The fountain is twelve-feet-high and twenty-five-feet in diameter, and made of granite bricks and stainless steel.
The sound of rushing water from the fountain in that enclosed garden was very relaxing.

***Description for photo captions provided by information guide posted in garden.***
This Sunday I had to drive my sister down to Placentia for some fitness training.  So I had 9 hours of time to kill and a car all to myself.  I am glad I was able to drive down to Costa Mesa and enjoy this garden.  I was the only person there aside from a custodial person.  I actually had time to sit, enjoy the scenery and even read a magazine uninterrupted.

If I had more time, I would have liked to have gone back at night.  There are several lights throughout the garden and I imagine it is probably much more peaceful at night.

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