03 July 2013

Wasting Money

If you have money to burn by all means do so.  If you have a hobby you like to sink money into, do it!  It's good to have a hobby.  Some people save up their extra money and take a vacation.  I do both, I use spare cash on hobbies and vacationing.  It's fun money, I use it on something fun... something other than bills that have to get paid.  

And then there are Granny's out there that shovel their loot straight into the fireplace.  People out there getting swindled into sending money via Western Union to Uganda with the promise of a million dollar return.  Then you have those people that spend their hard earned cash chasing the white horse or pony.  These two types of people go so far as to throw their spare loot into the fire as well as the mortgage payment.  

The latter group of people brings me to my thoughts on the following item I found while shopping for a Birthiversary gift for the hubs.

Facebook gift cards, why?  Why is there a need for a Facebook gift card?  Okay, I know I am not on the Facebook train but I do know you can buy imaginary crap for your {insert name}-ville Game.  From what I understand you can buy credits with which to purchase VIRTUAL GOODS ("Virtual goods are non-physical objects that are purchased for use in online communities or online games. They have no intrinsic value and, by definition, are intangible.").  Nothing tangible, nothing REAL, not even something that will get you high.   You are just purchasing in imaginary something.

Correct me if I am wrong but isn't that the same as burning 100 bucks to dress my imaginary Chia Pet in an imaginary Fedora and tap shoes?  No, Susie it's not the same thing.  I am buying stuff that lets me make my virtual house look amazing to other ~Ville users.  Oh I'm sorry so it is not imaginary.  I stand corrected.  You burned 100 bucks for a picture of a Chia Pet to have a picture of a Fedora and tap shoes in a virtual world.  Sounds a little bit like paper dolls but with paper dolls I can at least touch them and physically own them.

Is it just me or is anyone else astounded at people flushing money down the drain to buy Facebook credits?

Incidentally I did not get my hubs Facebook credits, I actually got tangible goods.  We did spend time celebrating like a couple of 15 year-old kids at Boomer's.  A little rock-climbing, go-carting and mini-golf was enough for our anniversary/birthday's.

Let them eat checkered cake!

His first time, yeah I passed him.

Such a flattering angle, thanks hubs!

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