16 July 2013


From April 2012
Did I get tired of Germany posts?  No.
Did I get lazy?  Maybe.
Did life happen and I started posting about other stuff before finishing Germany posts?  Yep.

Though these are from last year, revisiting Germany in photographs makes me long for another visit to Germany.  Or maybe I am just suffering from cabin fever and need to go some place that is NOT California?  Isn't it funny how so many people, both US and foreign, wish to visit California? Here I am longing for some place else.  Variety and change is the spice of life, no?

Here are are few of the highlights from our visit to Wiesbaden.  It was gloomy and rained frequently so I was limited on what I could capture.  Plus my camera problems didn't help. 

Town Square (Casino in the background)
World's Largest Cuckoo Clock
Wilhelm I, Prinz Von Oranjen
Old Town Hall
Kochbrunnen (boiling fountain) Wiesbaden is famous for its hot springs.
Roman Gate
Holocaust Memorial
Cafe Weisses Haus originally built for Emma Pabst.
Parked outside of the marketplace.
May I help you bag your groceries?
If you want to learn anything more about the images I posted, I included some info under the pictures.  Just throw the little tidbits into Google and away you go to learn about Wiesbaden.  Why did we stop there you ask?  Though we could have stayed in the more widely known Frankfurt, our friend is stationed in Wiesbaden.  A backpacking trip to Germany with a pit-stop to visit friends for my sister's birthday.  It was perfect, I really could have used two more weeks in Germany.  Maybe the next time I visit another country I will aim to go for at least a month.

FYI:  I am all moved into my new place.  So far so good... step-parenting will definitely take some getting used to.   Hopefully we can help break some bad habits step-kiddo has picked up and learn some good ones.

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