10 July 2013

Japanese Tea Garden SF

Once upon a time, before my skateboard was stolen and before parts of me began to ache from abuse, I took a little skate trip up to San Francisco.  During that trip, I did a bit of sightseeing.  Or as I think of it now, time to take a break from skating but not do nothing.  One fine morning in August my sister, a friend and I found ourselves near Golden Gate Park.  Inside of Golden Gate Park there is much to do, on this weary morning we opted to check out the Japanese Tea Garden.  Excuse the quality of the photos, it was like a million years ago.

circa 2007

There I go walking off in the distance.

I really wish I had more time to take my mom to this peaceful spot last year when we went to SF in November.  But alas we had other plans and we couldn't really run my mom haggard like we did ourselves back then.  I am sure I can still run my self off little sleep in an effort to get it all in, but then again I am not in my mid 60's.

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