14 June 2014

2 Qualms

These should probably be thrown under the pet peeve category....(three if you count the fact that I think I honestly am losing my memory.)

1.)  First and foremost.... I am NOT a prude but god damn it if every stupid movie I want to watch these days has to be sprinkled with several sex scenes.  I DO NOT want 5, 2 minute segments in every movie involving sweaty backs, nail clawing and thrusting with inaccurate moaning.  That is 10 minutes a movie of sex that I am not having.... why would you want me to watch that Hollywood???  Also, what's up with the recent gratuitous penis/ball shots these days???

Some of my favorite movies have sex scenes but not every god damn scene change.  What ever happened to the movie montage?  Seriously!  I end up grabbing the remote to fast forward through the poorly done sex scenes.  Look, I KNOW sex sells.  So either make a damn porn or get the fuck out of my story line!  I have found myself watching K-dramas/K-Movies because even a kiss scene is over the top.  -_-  I can't even watch certain shit in my own house cause I don't need Andy watching crotch/tit shots.  Don't get me wrong, I saw that shit as a kid but seriously it was a brief blink not 2 minutes of grunt-tastic action.  I fucking hate watching fucking sex scenes in my plot related movies.  You either get a movie or you get porn.... why does it have to be both?!?!?!  Was Boogie Nights not enough?????

03 June 2014

World Ice Art Championship 2014

The day my sister and I landed in Alaska we planned on visiting the World Ice Art Championship exhibit.  What we failed to plan for was public transportation, the buses do not start running until 9.  So my sister and I decided to walk to the exhibit.  It seems a short 2 mile walk is just not something that is done in Alaska, we got odd stares.  And when people asked how far we had walked to the exhibit they were shocked because it was SO far.  It was a nice, brisk, walk first thing in the morning, by the time we got to the exhibit our faces were very red.  I guess it was a little cold but not so cold we didn't have a blast looking at ice sculptures.
Note to self: Ice is sharp.
 I managed to slice my finger open sliding down this teeny ice slide.  2014 started to warm up sooner than usual in Alaska, so we ended up catching the tail end of the displays.  Several areas were cordoned off or had just melted into strange unrecognizable blobs.  I actually cheated and peeked at the sculptures before going to Alaska so I knew what they were supposed to look like.  The link up top will take you to this year's sculptures.