03 September 2008

This can't be a good sign of what's to come.

Sooo I know that our nation is in economic strife, California had a huge budget cut to education. And there have been rumors going around that certain government employee paychecks will be IOU's and the like.... WOW!!!! So today I read this, it was sent out to an undisclosed district:

"Please ignore the rumors floating around from other state agencies and districts regarding the issuance of “IOU”s or vouchers. Our district will issue regularly scheduled payroll warrants on Tuesday, September 30, 2008.

Although there is not an approved state budget, our district has sufficient cash to cover the payrolls for several months. Each year we calculate our cash flow needs and issue Tax and Revenue Anticipation Notes (TRANs) to assist us to meet our cash needs throughout the year. This year is no exception. "Our district is solvent with sufficient cash on hand to meet its obligations."

WOW again! Kinda makes you wonder if there ARE indeed places that are getting IOU's or vouchers instead of their hard earned pay. The world is going to hell in a hand basket.... The rich keep getting richer, the poor keep getting poorer. What used to be the middle class is either falling into poverty or stepping on every head they can to climb the economic ladder to avoid being in the middle, which really is turning to poverty anyways. Education is suffering, we are making our youths into poor, dumb, people.... so much for our future. Idiocracy anyone? I look back ten years and could have seen this one coming. And I thought I hated high school then because of their need not to just let kids slip through the cracks. Well the fact that there is this money pit called 'no child left behind' is really starting to piss me off. I mean, what about all the kids that are prepared to learn, that are wanting and striving to do their best? They get to be dumbed down because they have to play the waiting game for kids that either have no interest or should be in other programs?

Aright aright I am gonna be quiet again, bury my head in the sand and keep on listening to music and the like. Stuff to keep my mind off of this sinking ship that is life. Not like I am gonna propagate the problem... already enough dumb people in the world plaguing the population with even more stupid people.