19 June 2010

Today is my birthday!

Adrian took me to Yanagi's for birthday lunch. It was yummy and it made me wish I had more later because I got hungry shortly after having eaten.

Angelica got me a vinyl toy which I think is awesome. I like Hello Kitty too, but not Hipster Kitty. I just can't seem to get my head around how stupid this whole hipster thing is. I just wanna punch people so I supposed I should just stay in doors to avoid headaches and seeing stupid hipsters.

And I found this gnome sized grocery cart. It was in the break room at work and I wish I knew who it belonged to. It was gone by late afternoon and I really wish I could have used it with some little dolls or something and taken some pictures. Boo!

Also in other unrelated news: Pussified kids really piss me off!

I think more than the kids I hate their coddling parents. Relax people, children are resilient... let them learn, get sick, have their cuts and scrapse. Shit, it builds character!

09 June 2010

mc chris show in Santa Barbara!

So I went with Adrian to watch mc chris in Santa Barbara. It's always fun to go watch mc chris with Adrian since we have been doing it since 2006ish or was it 2005? I can't really recall now because, well just because! mc was promoting his latest raps with the cd pictured below. I was delightfully surprised when mc handed me a copy and signed the front for me. Awww, for free??? Yes, yes for free.

It wasn't until I opened up the sleeve and found my message board handle under: This round I'd like to thank all the die hard mc chris frans for eight years of loyal support, great ideas and lots of love! And if you look carefully in the list below about the 7th line I am listed (as xanaxjunkee) right between CKU and Neally.

I got warm and fuzzies over all of this and it feels pretty fucking rad to know you are thanked in a cd sleeve by an artist that you helped along his career for just being their and showing support.

08 June 2010

The mystery of the prize!

Joey's awesome birthday present, shhh it's a secret. But what he doesn't know is that I got it because I wanted one too! So really even though it's for him I know I will get to use it too. Very sneaky!