19 June 2010

Today is my birthday!

Adrian took me to Yanagi's for birthday lunch. It was yummy and it made me wish I had more later because I got hungry shortly after having eaten.

Angelica got me a vinyl toy which I think is awesome. I like Hello Kitty too, but not Hipster Kitty. I just can't seem to get my head around how stupid this whole hipster thing is. I just wanna punch people so I supposed I should just stay in doors to avoid headaches and seeing stupid hipsters.

And I found this gnome sized grocery cart. It was in the break room at work and I wish I knew who it belonged to. It was gone by late afternoon and I really wish I could have used it with some little dolls or something and taken some pictures. Boo!

Also in other unrelated news: Pussified kids really piss me off!

I think more than the kids I hate their coddling parents. Relax people, children are resilient... let them learn, get sick, have their cuts and scrapse. Shit, it builds character!

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