01 July 2010

RIP Little Bastard

Once upon a time I acquired a ferret. Ferrets are not legal to own in the state of California and my friend had no where for the little guy to go. So knowing how much of an animal lover I am, we decided to place the Little Bastard under my care. While under my care my little sister fell in love with him. So I worked out a deal with my friend to let me keep the little guy and gift him to my sister. My friend didn't have a stable place in which to keep the ferret, plus during the time I cared for him he was eating out of my pocket book. So we came to the conclusion that my sister could take over the Little Bastard and my friend could go visit when ever he wanted.

Little Bastard was my sister's best little buddy in Earth for a few years. But things turned sour when my sister's apartment had to be fumigated. She took LB to our mom's house where my nephews pretty much stressed him to death. :( Ferrets are pretty cool but when they get worried it makes them sick. I tried to help Lily nurse him back to health. We hand fed him, kept him warm and even gave him enema's to help him start digesting in order to eat. All to no avail! He died in my little sister's arms and it was really hard for the both of us. I went over to her apartment and we put him in a little box so he could be disposed of properly. My sister is not a huge animal lover but she loved LB and she took it pretty hard. If only we could have found a ferret friendly vet in time, he might still be with us. Rest in peace Little Bastard, we all loved you very much.

And now to help me right myself after this tearful post, I give everyone this:
Ketchup packets I found while refueling my tea pot in the break room. Really, ketchup in love? Doesn’t ketchup know that ketchup really has the hots for mustard? I like the showering ketchup the best.

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