26 July 2010

Sick+Stupid=Not So Nice

I have a snotty cold thing going on right now. And Vics is the best thing on Earth for my sniffles. I love the vapory smell and it helps my nose feel a bit better. Since my eyes were all dried out and burning, I figured I would put some eye drops in. I then proceeded to mop up the excess eye drops with my Kleenex that had Vics on it. Instead of grabbing a fresh Kleenex, I used the one soaked in Vics that I huff to enter the "Hall of Vapors".
Well that didn't go too well, I immediately cried out with super burning in my eyes and rubbed them vigorously.... that did NOT help. So I tried to just let the air work it's magic but I couldn't open my eyes. Luckily my co-worker was around to document all of this and send me photos in an email with the subject line of: FAIL.Yes, yes I did fail... but it's funny now that I can see again. So I share how stupid my brain is when I am congested. Hooray! Man I look god awful when I am sick and torturing my eyes with mentholated medication. RAWR I'm scary!

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