31 March 2008

Toof Doctah Again

I need a tooth pulling and last night while eating chicken more tooth broke off. All this after I was told that it would cost 'X' dollars unless the tooth broke apart during pulling or if my sinus cavity gets ruptured from the pulling. Apparently my #2 tooth has a root that sits too close to my sinus cavity for comfort. So there is a possibility of making a giant hole that goes from my sinus cavity to my mouf.... sweet jeezus! So if that happens or infection happens it means serious surgery. Anyone got a pretty penny I can borrow, it's been kind of a rainy day. By George, I swear when it rains it pours.... **Edit: It's not gonna cost me an arm and a leg to get the toof pulled. Hooray for insurance! Unless the tooth pulling does not go as planned.**

On a side note. Bullshit because I was supposed to check on a chick to make sure she didn't leave with some douche bag. Shoot, do overs! Some people deserve douche baggery. I am getting really tired of tall people thinking it's cute to pick me up against my will.... and really I hate it when they try to toss me down. Seriously I have a hurt shoulder that I have been baby'ing for about a week cause it hurts. It's almost impossible to sleep. And some Amazonian dumb cunt decides it will be cute to pick me up and drop me on my head?! WTF?! You don't see me running around and dropping midgets on their heads to make myself feel better and show the short people who the tall ones are. It's full of fucking stupid and I am sick and tired of it. I enjoy tall people for their ability to reach for items that are too high for me to reach and I enjoy being picked up by my tall friends for awesomeness hugs. 

But seriously don't fuck with people cause they are short, they are born that way. I mean it's almost as fucked up as fucking with the kids on the short bus. Sure, some people find it amusing but seriously those people are just unhappy with themselves and can't think of a more productive way to smile.

I am seriously done!

No more going out, no more dealing with people, no more family, no more boyfriend. Just me doing what I need to do personally to progress in this shitty life and fuck what everyone else needs from me.

I need myself and my sanity... I can't do this 'people' thing anymore... yeah that's social butterfly talking. And I swear my wings are done being tattered and torn out, it's against my safety and well-being to be that way.

I hope that stupid bitch ends up taking off with some douche bag the next time and date raped.  I refuse to help people any longer.